Dental practices are suffering an epidemic of ransomware attacks that demand thousands of dollars from dentists to decrypt files. Could yours be next?  

Your practice relies on a range of technologies in order to deliver care, manage data, and provide an ideal patient experience – do you need assistance in making sure it’s all integrated effectively?

We’re proud to announce that March 1, 2020 marked our 20th anniversary serving dental practices throughout Northern Virginia, Metro Washington DC, and Maryland…

Is your IT a tool that makes your work life easier? Or a burden that you dread having to deal with every day? The answer to that question comes down to the quality of your IT support.

The use of patient communication software for dentists is expected to more than double by 2027, making it more important for practices to observe new privacy laws.  

Not all practice management software is created equal – have you taken advantage of what the right software solutions have to offer your practice?

Are you considering adding new technology to your dental practice? Before you do so, read this blog to learn ten essential questions to ask yourself.  

Practice management software should provide a convenient way for patients and dental healthcare professionals to communicate – but that’s not always the case. Do you need a better way to keep in touch with your patients?

Failing to meet strict HIPAA standards for your website and other marketing materials is a big no-no that can lead to increased risks to your practice.

Protecting your patients starts before they even enter your location. Providing a secure, responsive infrastructure can help improve operational efficiencies as well as protect your dental office from cybercriminals.

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