Who Is Providing Computer Services For Your Chiropractic Office?

It was a cold day back in February. Northern Virginia was once again being hit by an unseasonably chilly weather front, and the office manager of one of Leesburg’s leading Chiropractic practices was opening the clinic for the morning.

It was a cold day back in February. Northern Virginia was once again being hit by an unseasonably chilly weather front, and the office manager of one of Leesburg’s leading Chiropractic practices was opening the clinic for the morning.

What she didn’t realize at the time was that this cold day was going to be the day when two significant things were going to happen that would alter that practice for good.

The kicker was, those two events happened in rapid succession.

As soon as the office manager got through the door, she flipped on the lights, took off her coat, unceremoniously dropped the coat over the back of her front-office chair, and pushed the power button on her computer. While the computer whirred its way back to life, she stepped into the breakroom to put on the first pot of coffee for the day.

With the coffee on its way, our fearless office manager stepped back to her workstation to discover that her computer, as expected, had started up and that she had a new email from the VP of the Chiropractic group that owned her practice. The email said,

“Be advised; tomorrow will begin the transition of every practice to an integrated EHR solution…

…Every practice in the group must comply. An IT services company we have retained for this implementation will be contacting each practice today to set up a time this week to implement this change. Sincerely…”

She read the email once – and then again — with the air slowly escaping her lungs in a frustrated sigh. She knew how much work EHR solutions were. Sure, having everything in electronic form was efficient and the security of being able to coordinate with offices near and far – transmitting health records across the internet – was outstanding. But she understood the level of technical support that would be needed, and she just didn’t have the time for that.

“I was the office manager AND the “tech guy” at my last job,” she thought. “I’m not going through that again.”

It was time for a BIG coffee.

As she stepped into the breakroom, she happened to glance to her left at the open door of the closet that held the server. The blinking lights that had been dancing across the server like a twinkling Christmas tree just moments ago were now suddenly absent.

The thought of coffee left her mind in a split second as it dawned on her that the second shoe had dropped. — The lack of blinking lights undoubtedly meant that their server had finally died.

“Today…it had to be today,” she thought as she swung the server closet door back to its jam just a little too hard. – (It’s uncertain, but the resounding “WHAM” may have been heard in the next county.)

A note demanding a switch from familiar paper files to an EHR system no-one wanted, anticipated extra workload, and now the server had apparently died.

The server had been acting up for some time now, and they kept calling in the local break/fix IT contractor, but he never seemed to figure out what was really the problem.

“Maybe the thing just died of old age,” she said to herself. “Well, the ‘IT services company’ the VP has hired is going to find a big surprise when they show up to install the EHR system.”

For just a moment, she entertained the idea of picking up her coat, flipping the light switches to “OFF”, and walking out the door.

Instead, she picked up the phone and dialled the number on the email that the VP had sent her. It rang once, twice… then a friendly voice on the other end of the phone answered,

NOVA Computer Solutions, how can we help you today?”

From that moment, the day seemed to get a little less chilly, a little less lonely, and a little more hopeful.

Why? Because someone was equipped and willing to help.

Does your Northern Virginia Chiropractic Practice need some IT support help as well?

If your office hasn’t already moved to EHR and EMR solutions – complete with IT compliance requirements – it’s likely coming very soon. It’s just how things are going. No longer are offices going to have that huge wall of patient files behind the desk or around the corner, just out of sight of the patients. Instead, your staff will be able to access a patient’s electronic records on a smartphone or tablet and collaborate using those electronic records with medical professionals such as hospital staff, family doctors, and pharmacists with the touch of a button. It’s a fantastic system, but it’s not without its complications.

What are the complications?

  • IT security concerns
  • Data backup requirements
  • Compliance standards
  • Maintenance and management of additional IT assets
  • IT help-desk requirements for answers and troubleshooting
  • Extra staffing needs to care for technology

Maybe you’re wrestling with what your Chiropractic practice is going to do with these EHR implementation challenges.

What to do?

Let us introduce you to the concept of managed IT support.

Instead of waiting for YOUR server to breathe its final breath and calling your break/fix IT repair contractor, try this.

Call the friendly staff at NOVA Computer Solutions.

They’ll tell you about a different IT support model that focuses on keeping your systems running optimally every day.

They’ll explain that they provide all the IT support your practice needs to meet the implementation, IT maintenance, and IT compliance requirements of an EHR system.

This offering is available for an easy-to-budget monthly flat rate.

  • You won’t have to sacrifice precious staff time to do IT maintenance tasks.
  • You’ll have access to a help desk staffed with IT professionals who know healthcare technology.
  • You won’t have to stress about IT compliance issues or data security.

You can enter your practice, flip on the lights, turn on the computer and know that everything is going to work as it should because you have an entire team of IT consultants on your side.

Are you among the thousands of Chiropractors nationwide that are moving to EMR and EHR technologies to better serve your patients? 

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