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What Is Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop?

Daniel De Steno | 2023-03-11 | Business IT Articles, News, and Tips

What is Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop? Most organizations are leveraging virtual desktops as they push to work remotely. Virtual desktops have become a game changer in running organizations since they enable users to securely access work applications and data from anywhere and on any device. One of the most recent and sought virtual desktops is […]

Small Business Cyber Security Statistics

Daniel De Steno | 2023-03-09 | Business IT Articles, News, and Tips

Small Business Cyber Security Statistics: What You Need to Know In today’s digital world, small businesses are increasingly vulnerable to cyber threats. Hackers constantly find new ways to breach security measures and access sensitive information. According to recent statistics, small businesses are particularly susceptible to cyber-attacks. This article will explore the latest cyber security statistics […]

What is Microsoft Teams Premium?

Daniel De Steno | 2023-03-07 | Business IT Articles, News, and Tips

What is Microsoft Teams Premium and How to Use It? If you are a Microsoft Teams user, you may have heard about Microsoft Teams Premium. It is an upgraded version of the basic Teams platform that offers additional features and functionalities to enhance your productivity and collaboration. In this article, we will discuss everything you […]

QR Code Guest WiFi Access

Daniel De Steno | 2023-03-06 | Business IT Articles, News, and Tips

QR Code Guest WiFi Access: A Convenient Solution for Modern Businesses In the digital age, access to the internet has become necessary for most individuals, whether for work or leisure. Businesses that provide a seamless WiFi experience for their customers can differentiate themselves from their competitors, creating loyal patrons and increasing brand awareness. QR code […]

US Recognizes Ransomware As A National Security Threat

Daniel De Steno | 2023-03-04 | Business IT Articles, News, and Tips

New White House Cybersecurity Strategy Recognizes Ransomware Attacks as a National Security Threat Cyber threats have become a major concern for nations worldwide in the digital era. Ransomware attacks, in particular, have become a growing threat, costing businesses and governments billions of dollars in damages each year. The White House has recently upgraded ransomware attacks […]

Where Should You Spend Your IT Dollars?

Daniel De Steno | 2023-03-02 | Business IT Articles, News, and Tips

Where Should You Spend Your IT Dollars? Six Essential Areas To Prioritize Key Points in This Article: IT investments are crucial to the short-term and long-term success of any business. Consider investments in emerging technologies, cybersecurity, and sustainability now to position your business for growth in the future. Many business leaders only invest in technology […]

What Is Zero Trust Architecture?

Daniel De Steno | 2023-02-28 | Business IT Articles, News, and Tips

Introducing Zero Trust Architecture Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) is an increasingly popular security model designed to protect organizations from cyber threats by ensuring that every access request is strictly verified and authenticated before being granted access. This approach is based on the principle of “never trust, always verify,” which means that no user, device, or […]

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