NOVA Computer Solutions helps dental practices around the United States safely reopen their practices after COVID19 using practical IT systems.

Have you been able to implement a viable teledentistry solution for your practice since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic?

Explaining the unique challenges associated with a dental office to a technical professional can be daunting, particularly if your IT experts aren’t familiar with the intricacies associated with dental technology.

If you aren’t backing up (and verifying) your data, then you’re putting it at risk. Cybercrime, hardware damage, human error – the list of ways you can lose data goes on and on.

Old and repeated passwords are one of the easiest ways for a cybercriminal to penetrate your systems and steal your data. Passwords are as tricky to create and manage. Yet, they are vital to your daily life – both in and out of the office.

Digitalized Dentistry Means Less Physical Storage and More Data System Storage are Needed. What Does This Mean for Hackers Targeting Dental Practices?

Due to the spread of coronavirus, businesses have had to adopt a remote work model, and quickly. Unfortunately, in doing so, many of these businesses may have compromised their security.

Why Dental Practices are at Risk for Being Hacked by Ransomware Cybercriminals During the COVID 19 Pandemic: Stigma, Fear and the Malware Epidemic in the U.S  

The spread of coronavirus has caused countless businesses to send their employees home to keep them healthy and prevent further transmission of the virus. These businesses are finding out how easy it can be to launch a remote working model – that is, if they have the right technologies in place.

Switching to Remote Work in Response to COVID-19

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