What Are The Top Software For Orthodontists and Oral Surgeons? 

Your legacy practice management, software system has seen better days. Discussions in great length about replacing it, and this fiscal year the upgrade is in the budget. Today we take a break from the tips and how-tos and look at the latest practice management software Orthodontists, and Oral Surgeons are using.

After researching many practice management software websites for this article, and reading customer testimonials, the majority of their comments center around three criteria: it saves time, it is profitable, and excellent patient experience. Based on customer testimonials and universal business consensus we will ask these three questions and provide an overall review and answer to each item.

  1. Will it you save time?
  2. Will it make you profitable?
  3. Will your patients have a great experience?
  4. Answers will be: ✔ = Yes or ✘ = No

Which 5 Features Received Special Attention?

The fun thing about reviewing Orthodontists and Oral Surgeons practice management software is looking at and reading all the innovations and upgrades. As always the product companies we’ve chosen today continue to pull out all the stops. The five notable features below, across the board, all received particular attention from the designers; when keeping the practice and patients interests first.

  • Mobility
  • Flexibility
  • Integrations
  • Organization
  • Fun interaction with your patients

Overall Feature Review

It was interesting to see why Orthodontists and Oral Surgeons would want to use these products. The features alone made it feel like you had another member or two on your team; giving the work environment a smoother flow. Staying organized while providing a positive impact with patients is no easy feat.

Will it you save time? ✔

Will it make you profitable? ✔

Will your patients have a great experience? ✔

Top Software For Orthodontists And Oral Surgeons

Ortho2 – Edge Cloud 6

The first product we’ll take a look at is from Ortho2. It is the Edge Cloud 6. Edge Cloud 6 is a cloud-based practice management software that does not need on-site servers and backups. The company reports a 35%-44% savings on hardware when using their secure and private cloud. When you look at their 14 easy to use tools, it’s all up to you, not the software, to choose which device you want to use for your convenience computer, tablet or smartphone.

Of those fourteen tools these three stuck out the most:

  • Edge Cloud Storage – Without the need for on-site servers for backups your data and patient information are stored and located in a bank-level secure off-site cloud storage facility.
  • Patient Rewards – All patients love prizes. Using a rewards program that motivates clients to meet their appointments, practice good oral hygienes, and gifts them for their cooperation.
  • Online Forms – In the comfort of your patient’s home, they can fill out a secure electronic health form at Ortho2’s website. No more fumbling around in a purse or wallet, in an office, trying to remember if you brought all the personal and medical history with you.

Overall Edge Cloud 6 Review

The Edge Cloud 6 is hugely staff and patient-friendly. Eliminating or reducing any hardware costs by using a cloud-based computing solution, with high-level backup security, rewarding patients with prizes for attendance and encouraging proactive oral hygienes, and filling out patient forms from home is more than powerful.

Will it you save time? ✔

Will it make you profitable? ✔

Will your patients have a great experience? ✔

Carestream Dental – CS OrthoTrac

Our next product is from Carestream Dental. Their CS OrthoTrac software promises your day-to-day activities will become easier than ever before to manage and will be accomplished using their full range of 24 automated tools.

Of those twenty-four tools, these three stuck out the most:

  1. Enhance Productivity – Flexible Appointment Scheduler helps keep your waiting room full, but if a patient needs to reschedule you merely find an optimal time slot and drag and drop.
  2. Maximize Profitability – Manage Cash Flow at a glance. You can process finance or late charges automatically. Send reminders and track any overdue payments.
  3. Improve Patient Care – Comprehensive Charting eliminates parents waiting for answers to their questions. If a parent wants to know when treatment times start or finish for the child, your staff looks at the screen, and all the information is there. No waiting or of guesswork

Overall CS OrthoTrac Review

Keeping a waiting room full is essential, being flexible with rescheduling invites goodwill with patients and potentially future referrals. Would you want to guess who owes you money or know beyond of shadow of a doubt? In times of children’s care parents are on high alert, asking random questions and expecting fast answers without the waiting. These tools spell out: Friendly, Savvy, and Attentive.

Will it you save time? ✔

Will it make you profitable? ✔

Will your patients have a great experience? ✔

Dolphin Imaging & Management Solutions – Dolphin ImagingPlus™ 11.95

Next on our list comes from Dolphin Imaging & Management Solutions. If you are one of those individuals that believe big things don’t come in small packages; you haven’t seen Dolphin ImagingPlus™ 11.95.

Four industrial-strength heavyweight tools, with multiple features, are built and crammed into this product suite:

  1. Imaging 9 – With no effort, you can manage x-ray images or patient pictures. Take one picture after another with your camera and your snapshots are organized automatically and place in a standard layout.
  2. Ceph Tracing – Quickly and accurately analyze cephalometric radiographs and create superimpositions progressions. Also uncover hard to see structures with the powerful image enhancement tools.
  3. Treatment Simulation – Fast and easy examination and treatment scheduling using the step-by-step two-way program also used for either orthodontic and surgery cases.
  4. Letter System – Create WOW and LOOKS GREAT before and after personal and photogenic letters for patients or a more clinical looking layout to pass along to other doctors.

Overall Dolphin ImagingPlus™ Review

State of the art is the first thing that comes to mind with no effort with images or pictures. Self-organizing into a standard layout. Impress patients with a feel-good letter that builds a positive doctor-patient relationship or display patient photos for other doctors to view their progress with sharp images.

Will it you save time? ✔

Will it make you profitable? ✔

Will your patients have a great experience? ✔

tops Software – topsOrtho™

Now we come to tops Software. If you are a stone-cold Mac user, then look no further than the award-winning, Superhero creating, topsOrtho™. It is a 100% Mac-based orthodontic practice management software package. Used throughout 25 different countries, it has no equals.

You will not have tools, but preferably three superpowers:

  1. Fast – Genuine Mac app running on an actual UNIX/macOS
  2. Easy – Management program designed only for the severe Mac user and their experience
  3. Reliable – Eliminates all downtime from software updates, and virus and network problems don’t exist.

Overall topsOrtho™ Review

Having three fast, easy, and reliable superpowers is excellent! Having no, downtime from software updates, network headaches, or viruses is superhuman. Having the internal D7 Matrix™ for efficiency and increasing profits, along with topsExpress™ for the ultimate secure communication, and providing patients with high-quality videos they can watch from home makes you nearly immortal.

Will it you save time? ✔

Will it make you profitable? ✔

Will your patients have a great experience? ✔

Carestream Dental – CS WinOMS

Another Carestream Dental product to make our review is: CS WinOMS. Oral surgery has a very well thought out program with CS WinOMS. Surgeons in the operating room, staff back at the office and patient care are all woven together with this product.

Two crucial tools the oral surgeon can’t work without:

  1. Electronic Medical Records – From the Anesthesia Record to the Medical History, and then the Treatment Planning no guesswork needs to take place. All medical record documentation is kept up to date, and the different treatment options can be reviewed with patients.
  2. Paperless Record Keeping – Easy patient registration online, document scanning sent to the patient’s record, and integrating images into a patient’s

Overall WinOMS Review

CS WinOMS can operate on its own, but also plugs into all Carestream Dental product components making it part of the practice management software package. Having accurate medical records before, during, and after surgery is critical for a successful operation. Being able to set up different treatment options using the software, gives you and your patient healing convenience.

Will it you save time? ✔

Will it make you profitable? ✔

Will your patients have a great experience? ✔

OMSVision – OMSVision

Our final product to review is from OMSVision and conveniently is titled with the same name. Their design focuses on oral and maxillofacial surgery practices. It remains an advanced practice management software program but with some unique upgrades.

Right from their brochure three powerful solutions and benefits jump out:

  1. Less Paper, More Productivity – Integrating medical and dental records on a patient, from check-in to check-out on one screen, say “Goodbye” to the paper chart or folder.
  2. Practice Growth and Profitability – You can track and rank your referrals, automate billing, collections, and insurance, and set up a “Quick Call List” for patients that will come in at a moment’s notice.
  3. Data Security and Fraud Protection – In a word HIPAA compliance. Securing your data, audit trails and tiered security measures, along with in-depth reporting; helps eliminate fraud and costly errors.

Overall OMSVision Review

This practice management software package, for oral and maxillofacial surgeons, is a powerhouse of strength but with nimble ease of operation. With high-end protection, paperless charting, and patients willing to drop what they are doing, because you can fit them in today. A remarkable piece of software with an OMSVision for your practice’s success.

Will it you save time? ✔

Will it make you profitable? ✔

Will your patients have a great experience? ✔

Final Thoughts

As you search for the software, which fits your setup, stop and ask yourself: Will this practice management software save me time, make me profitable and give my patients a great experience?

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