Storm Season Technology Preparation & Information (Question/Answers)

How Can I Get Our Office Ready For Storm Season? Here Are Tips To Keep Tech Safe!

How Can I Get Our Office Ready For Storm Season? Here Are Tips To Keep Tech Safe!

Lightning never strikes the same place twice – hopefully. Don’t let the severe weather catch your team unprepared!

What if you had a best friend in the business? Someone who had your back on your best days, and lifted you up on your not-so-great days? We know those days happen, and you shouldn’t have to go it alone.

We’re NOVA Computer Solutions, and we’ve got your back.

We’re your invisible best friend, here in good times and bad, and we’re there whether you see our efforts or not. The best part is, we’re there for you when you need us – especially when you need us RIGHT NOW.

Things happen. All kinds of crazy, unexpected things. Lightning strike? Yep, that can happen and will fry workstations if you don’t have surge protection. If we were already best friends, we can minimize the effect – may be to the point where it’s barely noticeable. UPS and surge protection is kind of our thing.

Oh, and your data is safe, too. We back that up all the time, and store in the cloud, so a lightning strike at your office doesn’t even matter to your data. We know just how important your information is to you, and how critical your information is in regards to your daily operations. See, with NOVA Computer Solutions, your business isn’t just a customer in our database, but part of the family, and we take care of our family.

What to do to avoid being struck by lightning…

One part of the family we have no control over is Mother Nature. Every once in a while, she throws a curve ball, like those lightning strikes. She’s got a lot more up her sleeve, though, and we just never know what to expect. Mother Nature doesn’t exactly like to give us much notice. Recently, nearly 8 inches of rain fell in Maryland in just over 5 hours, bringing more flooding to an already rain-soaked area just weeks after extremely wet weather caused major flooding and devastated another nearby area, leaving behind destroyed homes, businesses, and livelihoods.

We hope you’ve never experienced any kind of loss. Not just because of the hassle, but because of the lingering impact. Countless costs are factored in:

  • Property loss
    • Aside from damage a physical office receives, like ruined carpets, walls or furniture, like from a flood, a structure may no longer be sound following an earthquake or a fire.
  • Hardware replacement
    • Computers, servers, telephones, fax machines and copiers, even digital entry systems may need to be replaced after a flood, fire, or power surge like from a lightning strike.
  • Data loss
    • If your data is stored entirely on-site, unless someone is able to secure or retrieve a copy prior to a storm or disaster, your business would likely be facing catastrophic loss, which prevents the ability to recover quickly or resume operations effectively.

Business continuity depends on a backing up your data. Buildings, carpet, furniture, and hardware can be replaced – if your data is lost, the chance that your business faces an insurmountable challenge is incredibly high. Friends don’t let friends get backed into a corner like this!

What can you do to prepare for the unexpected?

Have a backup plan

What can you do to prevent data loss in the event of Mother Nature? Make sure to keep a copy of your data in the cloud! Navigating the cloud may seem mysterious, but cracking the code is critical to avoid catastrophic data loss. Listen to NOVA Computer Solutions, your best friend, when we tell you that the cloud is your friend, too. NOVA can see to it that you have a disaster recovery plan that involves the cloud, so that the impact of natural disasters and storms, large or small, is almost imperceptible.

Loss of data leads to downtime, which has an invisible cost, including loss of productivity and revenue, thus loss of profit. Anyone that has ever experienced loss due to a natural disaster agrees that it just plain stinks.

What about if your business loses power for more than a few hours – are you able to handle that? Though often referred to as “battery back-ups”, or “universal power supply” units, those little boxes dotting professional offices are uninterruptible power supply (UPS) units, and do exactly what they’re called: provide an uninterruptible power supply to technology in case of emergency when main power supply fails. They are not a replacement source of long-term power in the event of a power failure, but in those precious few moments after the lights go out, UPS devices offer the opportunity for a critical effort to save anything needing to be saved, and to safely power down a computer or other tech to prevent damage or data loss. Larger units to supply ongoing power aren’t as common, though are available for critical operations. For example, an entire city in Alaska keeps the world’s largest UPS at the ready in case of power failure, due to the city’s remote location and isolation from emergency resources.

Forces of nature

The Mid-Atlantic states see the most severe weather activity from June through August, with the highest concentration toward the second half of summer months. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) works with the National Weather Service (NWS) to put out a Storm Prediction Center, complete with forecasting tools and alerts for severe weather.

NOVA Computer Solutions Tips for Storm Prep:

  • If there is advance notice of an approaching severe weather event, power down and unplug technology that can be sidelined for the storm
  • Lightning can travel into a building through any material that conducts electricity, including landlines, electrical wiring, and plumbing. Concrete also has a wire mesh that can conduct electricity, so avoid placing any of your tech on concrete floors or touching concrete walls, if possible.
  • Avoid placing your technology near windows, as a lightning strike can shatter glass. Shards can get embedded inside machinery, and can also ricochet and cause damage.

NOVA Computer Solutions can guide your business through the unknown territory of severe weather one-two-punch of preparation and prevention. For data backup solutions, data recovery assistance, and cloud solutions, NOVA Computer Solutions can help your business put up the best defense. Don’t let lightning take you down!

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