It was a gorgeous early spring morning, twenty-five years ago, when two young women, Judith and Sharon, graduated from the same prestigious dental college. They were like two peas in a pod, these two young classmates. Both had been above average dental students, both were caring, personable, would go out of their way to help, and both—as young dental graduates are—were filled with hope and ambitious dreams of starting their dental practices.

After college, each moved away, started a family, and set up their dental practices. But as the years passed, they got busier. The phone calls to each other became less and less. Eventually, they lost touch with each other. Then recently, at an American Dental Association’s, Women in Dentistry Leadership, conference meeting, Judith and Sharon bumped into each other.

They were so surprised to see each other and could not remember the last time they spoke to one another. After one of the meetings ended, they went out for dinner to catch up, and naturally, each was curious how the others’ lives and careers turned out. To their surprise neither had changed and were very much alike and still filled with hope and ambition.

Both were happily married. Both had three children. Both had chosen the same dental profession-Pediatric Dentistry. And both, as it turned out, had opened multiple practices in Northern Virginia, Metro Washington D.C. and Maryland areas, and were still practicing there.

But Between The Two Dental Practices, There Was a Night and Day Difference.

After the sharing and laughter died down, Sharon’s tone took a turn and changed to almost a whisper. She leaned over and confessed to a horrible and heartbreaking event that recently happened to her. According to the authorities, her dental practice was a target. All of her client and patient records were stolen in a cyber-attack.

Judith was shocked and looking into Sharon’s eyes, could feel her long-time friend was sad and hurting inside; and like any caring person, immediately reached across the table and took Sharon’s hand in hers and held it tight.

She expressed how deeply sorry she was to hear of her classmate’s loss. But she admitted, a crime like this does not happen in her locations, because of something she learned from a NOVA education session.

What Made The Difference In Sharon and Judith’s Dental Practices?

Have you ever wondered, as NOVA has, what makes this kind of difference in a dentist’s practice? Both identical, except one, is targeted, and the other is not.  It is not a native intelligence or talent or dedication. Both women have and exceed each.

It is not that Judith is lucky, and Sharon is unlucky. The difference lies in what each dental professional knows and how he or she makes use of that specialized knowledge. Did Judith have particular knowledge Sharon did not have?

Sharon was a little bewildered her friend was not a target and asked her, “what is a NOVA education session?” Judith started off with, “Do you remember back in college, I was always dragging you with me to lectures, workshops, and free educational seminars?” “Yes, and I hated it, but looking back we did learn a lot of things, and the guys were cute too.”

IT Was The American Dental Association Cyber Security Bulletin That First Grabbed Judith’s Attention

“Back in 2017 I read this article from the ADA, Cybersecurity Starts With Training Dental Teams, and after reading that information, like in college, I started hunting around for more information. It turns out there is a company right here in our area, NOVA Computer Solutions that has a complimentary Cybersecurity Education Session for you and your staff that you can sign up for.”

“When I took it, I discovered several things about my practice that shook me up:

  1. My office computers were not behind a firewall that would protect me from hacking
  2. I did not have any training in place for my staff to protect themselves from a cyber attack
  3. According to the HIPAA Security Rule, I was facing HIPAA violations for lack of training my staff
  4. My dental X-ray machines use an operating system called “VxWorks” and was vulnerable.
  5. The Nova IT Consultant asked, but I couldn’t remember the last time I did a risk assessment

“There were more details NOVA showed me which I needed to hear, so I turned to them for help.

It’s Been Said Knowledge Is Power. NOVA Says: The Right Knowledge Is Power And Protection.

An educational session unlike any other you’ve experienced. The whole purpose of the session: to give dentists like you and dental practices specialized knowledge—knowledge they can use in their dental practice right away. And that is why Nova Computer Solutions is reaching out to you and dental practitioners, in the Northern Virginia, Metro Washington D.C. and Maryland areas about their complimentary Cybersecurity Education Session. Come join us.

Go To NOVA Computer Solutions sign-up page for a Complimentary Cybersecurity Education Session.

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