Does Your Dental Practice Management Software Help You Communicate With Patients?

Practice management software should provide a convenient way for patients and dental healthcare professionals to communicate – but that’s not always the case. Do you need a better way to keep in touch with your patients?

Your Dental Practice Management Software Can Help You Communicate With Your Patients

Communication with your patients is a vital part of the care you give. Whether you need to inform them of a change to their appointment, give them the results of a test, or whatever else, you need to be able to share data with those you care for.

You’d rather not have to use the phone for communication every time, right?

And you shouldn’t have to – modern technology is available to help you streamline and optimize the ways in which you communicate with patients. Have you harnessed it for your practice?

Does Your Practice Management Software Connect You With Your Patients?

Similar to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions, a dental practice management platform should make it easy to automate confirmations in order to reduce late and no-show appointments, automatically send welcome packages to new patients that sign up at your practice, as well as market to and reactivate past patients with mass communications based on short-term promotions.

Even past automation, a dental software suite should offer new ways of communication that allow your patients to interact the way they prefer. Instead of having to call each patient any time you need to make contact, you should instead be able to send a text or email easily, based on what they prefer.

If you can’t do that with your current practice management software, then you need to make a change…

What Are You Missing Out On?

You should be enjoying a range of modern communication capabilities that keep in touch with your patients – NOVA can deliver them to your practice.

We can integrate your phone systems and practice management software with the right patient communication platform, providing a range of benefits:

  • Boost Your Practice’s Productivity
    When your patient data is integrated seamlessly with your communications, each and every interaction with patients becomes more convenient. Your administrative staff can easily view the necessary patient data whenever the patient in question calls your office, providing valuable information on their medical history, upcoming appointments, and pending payments.
  • Improve Your Patients’ Healthcare Experience
    Not all of your patients like to be called on the phone. Shouldn’t you be able to communicate with them in the way they prefer?
    NOVA will equip your staff with the ability to send vital information over text to your patients, confirming appointments, sending reminders of upcoming payments, and more.
  • Support Bookkeeping
    This type of solution will also benefit your efforts to collect outstanding balances and make sure patients understand their payment timelines. The automated and text-based features will also help to better inform patients of upcoming appointments, helping to decrease no-shows and make better use of yours and your staff’s time during the workday.
  • Build Your Brand
    Patients will prefer to work with a dentist that communicates with them the way they like, and who makes it easy for them to stay on top of appointments and payments. This will give you a competitive edge against other practices that still rely on conventional hard copy documents and telephone-based interactions.

Want To Take Your Practice’s Communications Into The Future?

With all the advantages an optimized communication platform provides for practices like yours, doesn’t it make sense to use one? That said, transitioning to a system isn’t necessarily easy; the good news is, you don’t have to do it on your own.

Partner with NOVA to start your pain-free migration to a more effective patient communication system today. Our team of experts will learn about your practice, determine how and where new communications capabilities will best support your daily work, and deploy your new platform with minimal downtime or delays – simple as that.

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