When Should Dentists Switch IT Service Companies?

Practices need to keep patient data safe, yet accessible on mobile devices and while outside the office. They need to make sure that they maintain confidentiality and other compliance mandates. And they need predictable and reliable IT services.

Is Your Dental Practice Looking For A Highly Specialized IT Company Focused On The Dental Industry?

Dental practices have unique needs when it comes to technology that most other businesses do not face.

Practices need to keep patient data safe, yet accessible on mobile devices and while outside the office. They need to make sure that they maintain confidentiality and other compliance mandates. And they need predictable and reliable IT services.

Many dental practices turn to managed IT service companies to outsource their technical needs. However, many general managed IT companies do not have the experience and knowledge of dental practices to provide the types of services most needed.

The outsourcing question is one that dentists face constantly. “When running a dental practice, you certainly have internal and external (outsourced) options when it comes to marketing, HR, call centers, insurance management, or any other practice need,” writes Wynnie Zuchowski for dentaleconomics.com. “Almost every day you have someone calling, emailing, or stopping in to try to sell you that their solution is the best. Should you keep what you need in-house, or should you hire a company to help?”

Have you had enough of your current managed IT service and are looking for a partner that understands your needs? Learn more about when to switch providers and how to find the right provider for dental practices.

What Kinds of Managed IT Service Companies Do Dental Practices Need?

Dental practices have critical needs for IT services, including:

  • Reliable Expertise. Most small- and medium-sized dental practices do not have the internal technical expertise necessary to run a modern operation. They need a partner that knows dental practices and has the experience to deliver sound technical solutions.
  • Predictable Pricing. When technology goes wrong, it can derail a practice for days or weeks. That’s why your practice needs a predictable pricing model that will not result in expensive service calls and repairs that are not expected.
  • HIPAA Compliance. The confidentiality of patient data and patient records is of paramount importance. You need an IT solution that complies with HIPAA mandates and provides the proper monitoring, recording and documentation to demonstrate compliance.
  • Scalability. As your practice grows, you need an IT solution that can adapt quickly, providing the resources, space and technology to meet those expansion needs without delay.
  • Security. Hackers are increasingly targeting small- and medium-sized businesses and dental practices are an attractive target. Stealing patients’ personal information, financial data and medical records creates havoc for practices and patients alike. Your IT system needs a comprehensive security and monitoring solution.

Dental practices need to focus on patient care, not on the technology that allows for better services.

How Much Should a Dental Practice Pay its IT Service Companies?

Consider the costs of not using managed IT service companies. You’ll be paying to store, maintain, power and cool servers and other technical equipment. You’ll need to call in outside technicians to deal with hardware issues and costly per-incident assistance with software or device problems.

Some practices choose to use a per-incident service, also known as a “break-fix” model. A per-incident service dispatches a technician whenever you have an equipment repair need, software issue, network upgrade or response to a phishing attack virus or ransomware attack. These costs quickly add up.

Instead, use a managed IT service provider that will provide you with a predictable monthly charge that covers a full array of support and technology. In this model, your provider serves as an outsourced IT department, providing services ranging from installation to monitoring to help-desk support. All those services are provided at a flat monthly rate, eliminating nearly all IT financial surprises.

What Services Does Managed IT Provide?

Your managed IT solution is customized to your practice’s unique needs. It may include the following:

  • Cloud-based hosting of data, hardware and software, like Microsoft Office 365, that can be accessed securely from a web-based interface
  • 24/7 help-desk support with rapid response and resolution, usually via remote service
  • Email administration that includes spam filtering, user access and permissions configuration
  • Regular, automated security updates to your firewall, hardware and software
  • Virus protection for all devices in your practice
  • Continual monitoring of your network and devices to identify security issues and contain and eradicate them before serious damage occurs
  • HIPAA compliance management, including employee training on HIPAA mandates and dental practice software tools
  • Reporting and analysis for HIPAA and other office functions, including recommendations for system optimization

Where Can I Find a Reliable IT Service Company?

NOVA Computer Solutions is an expert in providing managed IT solutions for dental practices. Our skilled technicians work with each practice client to create a solution that needs their needs. To learn more about our IT services for dental practices, contact us today.

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