How Can A New Phone System Help Dental Professionals Better Serve Patients?

Everyone is a dental patient. So, we all have our stories about frustrating experiences with poor communications systems at dental offices and other professional offices. NOVA Computer Solutions, in partnership with FreedomVoice, helps dental professionals, including dentists, orthodontists and other dental professionals with communications solutions to optimize patient care quality.

Everyone is a dental patient. So, we all have our stories about frustrating experiences with poor communications systems at dental offices and other professional offices. NOVA Computer Solutions, in partnership with FreedomVoice, helps dental professionals, including dentists, orthodontists and other dental professionals with communications solutions to optimize patient care quality.

Outdated phone systems often don’t provide the options patients need and to which they’re accustomed when calling a professional office. An antiquated phone system can make it much more challenging than it should be for callers to reach the parties they need conveniently, communicate most effectively with staff, accomplish the purpose of their calls and move on with their busy lives.

Providing a smooth, convenient, trouble-free patient experience is more important than ever. There are greater numbers of dental services providers today, and new generations of digital natives—attuned to changing providers of any kind with a few quick clicks. They casually pursue that provider of the consistently best overall experience.

NOVA’s state-of-the-art business telephone systems, provided through FreedomVoice offer dental services providers and their patients the benefits of today’s state-of-the-art hosted VoIP office phone systems.

Patient Service Benefits of an Optimized Dental Office Phone System

Dental office phone systems are essential to providing quality care for dental patients. Using high-quality communications tools can improve team performance in every area of a dental practice, including clinical, outer office, administrative, accounting and management operations with:

  • Increased Efficiency — The improved ability to handle calls, questions, and issues quickly and transfer patients promptly saves busy patients from the time losses and frustration of trying to work with dental office staff in practices where service quality is negatively impacted by technology that is insufficient for its purposes in today’s professional service environment.
  • Smoother Communications — Patients can accomplish what they need, being directed to the extension for the employee needed, and then be smoothly transferred to the appropriate scheduling, billing, etc.This seamless communications system frees up staff to provide less rushed, higher-quality service to patients waiting for assistance in the office, holding on other lines, or awaiting return calls.

    It also allows staff to move on to tasks that more indirectly serve patients, such as helping other employees complete daily, weekly or monthly responsibilities in various areas of office and clinical operations.

  • Better Overall Patient Experience — Callers experience less frustration from waiting on hold, waiting again on hold after transfers to requested extensions, or waiting just to get hours or other basic information that can be provided on a dedicated information only extension.
  • Faster Intra-Office Communications — Clinical and administrative staff can avoid wasting time previously needed to walk to other locations throughout the office, to get answers to questions and communicate information in real-time.
  • Increased Service Reliability — State-of-the-art phone systems equipment and backup data centers help ensure the dependability of communications continuity during power outages, so that you and your patients can have the confidence of knowing that your team will always be accessible, regardless of external circumstances affecting communications around your dental office.
  • Optimized Information Hub — A new feature-rich communications system is designed to maximize the number of tasks that can be performed through the system at the touch of a button.

Benefits of a Hosted Phone Services For Dentists

NOVA and FreedomVoice business office phone systems offer dental practices today’s best quality of communications systems at the lowest possible costs and best value:

  • Eliminate Capital Expense — There are no servers or other equipment in your office closet to be managed. All systems are managed through the data center. Only the phones are on your site, which avoids a capital expense for a phone system as well as costs for onsite maintenance agreements.
  • Lower System Costs — With the Polycom PBX phone, you do not pay for systems equipment, which helps keep initial costs down. The Polycom PBX401 phone is included, so with that model, there’s no upfront hardware expense.
  • Flexible to Business Changes — Your FreedomVoice business user portal gives you the freedom to add users, change systems settings and make other modifications to your services quickly and easily anytime.
  • Future-Proof Phone System — FreedomVoice upgrades your systems automatically as we add new features so that you always have the latest and greatest phone system offered.
  • Peace of mind — Having service through a local provider like NOVA means you don’t have to call overseas to receive customer service from a provider who is many miles away. You have a local service provider who is close at hand and understands your IT.

NOVA and FreedomVoice Telephone System for Dentists

With Polycom’s CloudPBX business phone systems, provided by NOVA and FreedomVoice, benefits for dental practices include:

  • 99.99% Uptime Reliability — Functional dependability of the overall FreedomVoice network communications system is strong, coming in virtually every month at 100%. This is important when considering a hosted phone service. We’re relying on our infrastructure and our network to provide that superior level of business phone service.
  • HD Voice Quality — All of the Polycom PBX phones have built-in HD technology, to deliver great sound quality.
  • Unlimited Calling — Fixed phone billing for easy budgeting and expense control.
  • Scalability for adding new users — Quick and easy additions and removals of new users.
  • Month-to-Month Contract – Very flexible for making modifications to your system or other changes to your services, depending on your changing business needs.
  • Mobile Phone App — Make and receive office phone calls on your cell phone.

Polycom and FreedomVoice Functional Features

The Polycom business office communications system is loaded with functional features to maximize the efficiency and productivity of users:

  • Auto Attendant — The auto attendant greets and directs callers, to back you up during busy office hours and after hours.
  • Department Menu — Callers can choose the proper department for setting appointments, billing, or to be transferred in emergencies to a cell phone, among other options.
  • Abundant Extensions — Users, appointment setting, hours of operation, emergencies, etc. can have their own dedicated voice mailboxes, to maximize efficiency and convenience.
  • Group Extensions — Multiple phones can be linked to a group extension, allowing a call to be placed in a holding pattern until a group member can answer it.
  • Voicemail to Email — Voice messages can be sent to an email address as an audio file attachment. The messages can be transcribed, so you can skim through to determine the reason and urgency of the call.
  • Mobile App — For iPhone or Android. The app is basically a copy of your desk phone. Any call you make through the app displays your office phone number.
  • Expansion Tablet — (Free for new accounts). The screen shows you live presence. It can be placed standing beside your phone, or you can see the information on your computer monitor, via the web portal, indicating that a user is on the phone or available.
  • Geo Redundant Data Centers — If your office loses electrical power, phones on desks won’t ring, but calls are picked up at the data center and routed to your voicemail. Or, you can use the app to continue uninterruptedly taking calls on your cell phone. And, multiple data centers back up one another, for layers of security against loss of service continuity.
  • Real-Time Reporting — All calls inbound and outbound are tracked and can be sorted in reports of timeframes, to get a sense of busiest times of day for calls. You can run reports on specific phone numbers or users, you can export the information to Excel.
  • Call Recording — All calls can be recorded and then downloaded for reference if you need to attach it to a customer service record. (Upcharge.)
  • Paging — Can page across phones, to make an announcement. if you have a backroom phone, you can page just that room, to let someone know there’s a guest to see them, etc. (Upcharge.)

High-Quality Professional Office Phones

FreedomVoice works in partnership with Polycom, a premier provider of quality office phone systems. The line of professional office phones provided through NOVA has been selected for service to our valued clients due to the proven performance of FreedomVoice in:

  • High-quality construction of equipment
  • Breadth of data center backup support for users
  • Feature-rich phones and systems
  • Reliability of the products and systems
  • Quality of customer services

NOVA/FreedomVoice Business Office Phones

The phones are easy to navigate. A headset can be attached to any of the models, for hands-free use and walking around during use. All models include HD voice technology for optimum clarity and overall sound quality. Phone models offered through NOVA and FreedomVoice include:

  • VVX 401 — No monthly fee, color screen, quick easy navigation buttons
  • VVX 411, 501 — Upcharge, color touch screen, no buttons
  • VVX 601 — Larger version of the 501, Bluetooth capabilities
  • Conference Phones — Conference models available

NOVA Computer Solutions and FreedomVoice

NOVA specializes in dental office IT services, including phone systems focused on the needs of dentists and their clinical and admin support teams for optimizing patient services. Freedom Voice is a GoDaddy company, serving customers with hosted phone services nationwide for 23 years.

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