Communication is key for any business and your dental practice is no different, which is why you should consider implementing a VoIP telephone system. The telephone systems for dentists that are currently available offer a variety of benefits that are designed to significantly improve patient experiences and expand your practice’s communication capabilities. One of the most reasonably-priced and customer-oriented VoIP telephone services for dentists is FreedomVoice.

Telephone Services for Dentists

With a VoIP telephone system, dentists can receive a virtual voice messaging system and private branch exchange (PBX) for less than they pay for a standard phone line. FreedomVoice is one of the company’s that accomplishes this through the use of innovative hardware and network technology. FreedomVoice offers a 30-day free trial so you can determine if the telephone services for dentists that they offer is right for your practice.

Reasonable Monthly Pricing

After your 30-day free trial, we can help you choose the plan that meets your practice’s needs:


  • $9.95 – 400 minutes (3.9 cents/each additional minute)


  • $19.95 – 1200 minutes (3.9 cents/each additional minute)


  • $29.95 – unlimited

While many of FreedomVoice’s competitors offer an array of phones to choose from, during your 30-day trial period you have three choices. Two of their three enterprise-quality, plug-and-play phones are available to you at no additional charge; however, the third phone costs an additional $5 a month (per phone).

Why Choose FreedomVoice’s Telephone Systems for Dentists?

Since all you need to use the hosted VoIP telephone systems for dentists is an internet connection, there is no need to continue your service with the local analog phone company; therefore, you eliminate this monthly bill. In addition, by having a hosted VoIP system, you keep the phone line open for patients to call in as well as for staff to call out. FreedomVoice provides a mobile app (Android and iPhone), allowing dentists to stay in touch from anywhere an internet connection is available. Furthermore, when you use the mobile app to make a phone call, the practice’s number appears on the caller ID; therefore, your private number is not compromised.

Other benefits include:

  • No bulky PBX equipment taking up space at your practice because the necessary equipment is located off-site at secure data centers.
  • The ability to forward your practice’s calls to your cell phone.
  • Expanding or Scaling back your VoIP system as needed, without disruption.
  • Easily accommodating a remote worker (i.e., an off-site biller).
  • The ability to access calls even when the power goes out at your practice. As long as you have FreedomVoice’s mobile app, you can still access the calls coming into your practice. However, if you are unable to access your calls for any reason whatsoever, the data center answers these calls via voicemail.
  • Sending eFaxes at no additional cost; however, if you want to continue using an on-site fax machine, an analog phone line is required.
  • Worry-free equipment management: The database, server, connections to servers and software development are all managed by FreedomVoice; thus, allowing you to concentrate on providing your patients with the high-quality dental care they desire.

When you choose FreedomVoice as your VoIP provider you can expect:

  • A flexible communication solution for a fraction of the cost when compared to most competitors
  • The benefits of outsourcing without putting an enormous strain on your budget
  • A lower total cost of ownership through savings on monthly communication service fees
  • No need for costly systems or boxes
  • Easy CRM integration
  • HD voice-quality phones with hands-free capability
  • Easy access to your FreedomVoice phone service through the web portal via any web browser
  • Intuitive user interface capability
  • The ability to connect multiple offices
  • Unlimited domestic calls – pay only for the max simultaneous calls each month
  • Domestic calling area includes the continental U.S., Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico. With FreedomVoice, certain calls to Canada are also considered domestic
  • Improved productivity

FreedomVoice’s functionality options include:

  • Extension dialing
  • Auto attendant
  • Ring groups
  • Hold message/music
  • Call forwarding features
  • Voicemail to email
  • 3-way calling
  • Intercom
  • Call blocking
  • Call recording
  • Mobil app
  • Call monitor
  • Softphone
  • Queuing
  • Reporting
  • Caller ID

It is easy to see why VoIP is currently one of the fastest growing technologies. Determine which of these features will benefit your practice and let Daniel De Steno of NOVA help you choose the FreedomVoice plan that will serve your practice the best.

To get started, request your risk-free consultation by calling 888-711-3234. During your consultation, Daniel De Steno will perform a complete telephone bill audit to determine where your practice can save money on telecom expenses.

Daniel De Steno is the creator of NOVA, which is a company that specializes in assisting dentists as they adapt to new technologies within the dental industry. NOVA is proud to be a member of the Dental Integrator Association.

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