Using Dentrix For Your Dental Practice? (Questions & Answers)

Specializing in IT for dental practices in Northern Virginia, we always get asked what practice management software we recommend. We’ve worked with many, and one that we like is Dentrix.

Specializing in IT for dental practices in Northern Virginia, we always get asked what practice management software we recommend. We’ve worked with many, and one that we like is Dentrix.

We’re not a sales professional for Dentrix. But after years of experience providing IT services for dentists who use it, We’ll give you 4 reasons why we often recommend it over other dental practice management software.

1. Dentrix Makes It Easy To Schedule Tasks And Run Reports

Other than taking care of your patients, you need to run a well-managed business. This means ensuring that your daily receipts, accounts receivable, and deposits are always current. Plus, you must process insurance claims, update account aging, move procedures and clinical notes to history, and reset insurance benefits.

In the past, scheduling these tasks was challenging. But now, Dentrix makes it much easier to do all of this right from their platform. With Dentrix, your office staff can schedule tasks to run automatically on daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly intervals. This saves you and your staff time and frustration and keeps your accounts up to date.

2. You Can Streamline The Payment Process & Improve Your Cash Flow.

Using Dentrix Pay will expedite the check-out process. It’s integrated into the main platform to save your staff and patients time and effort.

  • You use the same Dentrix payment window for credit card and other types of payments.
  • Payments are posted automatically to the Ledger right from the payment window. There’s no need for double entries. This reduces posting errors.
  • Your patients have the option of paying with credit cards with EMV chips or magnetic stripes, FSA or HSA cards, or even their smartphones. Because Dentrix is backed by the world’s leading credit-card processor (Worldpay), you’ll know that everything is being processed as it should.
  • Plus, you can save your patients’ credit cards securely in the Dentrix system. This means no more entries in patient files that could be left on your front desk. If this information got out, you’d be in violation of data breach laws–not to mention a ruined reputation.
  • The cards are saved in your merchant’s “payment vault” for safekeeping. And with a patient’s permission, you can use this information for future payments which will save you both time.

Best of all using Dentrix improves your cash flow because you’re getting timely credit card payments. And with saved cards, you don’t need the patient’s PIN to process future ones.

3. Manage Tasks and Handle Emergencies From Anywhere With The Mobile App.

Dentrix Mobile lets you access patient information, interact with your practice, and manage things when you’re out of the office. You can:

  • Look up detailed patient information,
  • Review your schedule,
  • Make appointment notes,
  • Confirm appointments, and
  • Even check insurance eligibility.

If a patient calls you at home for emergency treatment, you can use Dentrix Mobile to immediately check your next open appointment, schedule it, add notes and more right from your smartphone, tablet or laptop. All of your changes will be synced with your office’s appointment book.

When a patient or team member contacts you when you’re away from the office, you can get the details you need from the central Dentrix system, such as:

  • Contact information
  • Prescription information
  • Medical alerts
  • Upcoming appointments
  • Insurance eligibility
  • Appointment histories
  • Office schedules

4. Capture & Store Important Periodontal Measurements

All of the administrative benefits are important for sure. But the main reason you’re in business is because of your dental expertise and quality patient care.

Dentrix makes it easy to capture and store the measurements you need to achieve the outcomes you’re looking for — Measurements like:

  • Mobility
  • Furcation grades
  • Probing depths
  • Bleeding and suppuration points
  • Gingival margins
  • Plaque
  • Bone loss and more.

You can view your periodontal data numerically or graphically. And Dentrix integrates seamlessly with your business, front-office tools and clinical tools.

We could go on and on. If you have questions about Dentrix, contact me and we’ll tell you more.

In the meantime, it’s important that you know what NOVA can do for your dental practice. From overall network design to implementation, no job is too big or small. We offer onsite IT services, consulting, and 24/7 remote maintenance and monitoring to ensure your technology is always reliable and secure, and always meets HIPAA requirements. Plus, as your business associate, you’ll know that we’re also HIPAA compliant.

From one-doctor dental practices to multi-dentist, multi-location offices, dental practices in Northern VA rely on NOVA Computer Solutions.

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