What Will Happen to Dental Offices That Fail to Innovate?

Many companies have been driven out of business for lack of innovation, but can the same happen to dental offices that don’t embrace technology?

Dental Offices That Fail to Innovate

Many companies have been driven out of business for lack of innovation, but can the same happen to dental offices that don’t embrace technology?

Blockbuster… The name rings a bell, doesn’t it? It was a childhood favorite for many of us – giving us a place to rent video games and movies, and during the 1990s, it really took off – then fell back down. Why? Because the world started to become more technologically advanced and they failed to follow along. Failure to innovate can be a dangerous choice for businesses of all types and sizes. In the simplest terms, they tend to be left behind while the competition continues to thrive.

What happens to dental offices that don’t stay ahead of technological advancements?

As the years go by, we’re bound to see a huge gap between businesses that embrace technology and businesses that don’t in terms of success. Those who understand the importance of leveraging technology as an integral part of every business process will experience growth beyond those who refuse to adapt. It’s important to remember that digitalization provides possibilities in terms of:

  • The efficiency of processes and/or procedures
  • The satisfaction amongst existing patients
  • The capability to acquire new patients

So what happens to dental offices that don’t stay ahead of technological advancements? They face a myriad of risks:

  1. Inability to maintain HIPAA compliance: As technology evolves, older, more outdated systems become less secure, even if they’re still supported by the manufacturer, as cybercriminals learn new methods to exploit those systems.
  2. Less productivity throughout the day: Older, more outdated systems aren’t as reliable as updated technologies that have better performance. In fact, systems and crashes become much more common with technology that’s 4 or more years old.
  3. Decreased satisfaction amongst existing patients: To put it simply, many people don’t particularly enjoy sitting in the operating room at the dentist. They want to be in and out as quickly as possible and older, more outdated systems don’t enable this.

What technologies should dental offices start leveraging to embrace the concept of innovation?

Technology has been an absolute game-changer in the dental realm – from digital imaging and radiography to virtual collaboration and everything in between. There are specific technologies all dental practices should be investing in right now:

VoIP Business Phone:

VoIP, also known as Voice over Internet Protocol, allows you to make and receive calls over the Internet. This leaves you with a significantly lower phone bill as you’re making calls via the Internet as opposed to traditional telephony offerings. Aside from cost savings, you’re also able to take advantage of merging a range of technologies into a single network, including instant messaging, email, voicemail, telephone, and more. Everything is unified into one convenient system.

Dental Intelligence Software:

A dental intelligence software program connects with your practice management software to give you valuable insight into every area of your office – from scheduling to incoming and outgoing calls to follow-ups with patients and everything in between. The program tracks and analyzes information to find opportunities for improved service and/or automation of time-consuming tasks. Most dental offices notice a huge difference in terms of patient service as they’re reminded to ensure an optimal experience in all areas.

Call Tracking Solution:

A call tracking solution connects with your practice management software to streamline the process of communication with patients – giving your team instant access to patient appointments, insurance details, balances, and more. You’re able to communicate via a traditional phone call or alternative methods like texts to send quick welcome notes or balance reminders. This works to improve patient satisfaction as they’re always in the loop on their appointments and/or billing.

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