Vienna Family Dental & Facial Aesthetics Chooses NOVA For Dental IT Services

Vienna Family Dental & Facial Aesthetics is a very busy practice in Northern Virginia. Dr. Rudolph and his team have been providing excellent dental care to patients for over 40 years.

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Do What A Busy Dental Practice In Vienna Did
Migrate To Hardware-as-a-Service

Vienna Family Dental & Facial Aesthetics is a very busy practice in Northern Virginia. Dr. Rudolph and his team have been providing excellent dental care to patients for over 40 years. They rely on technology in many ways – for their administrative, clinical and security needs. NOVA Computer Solutions ensures the practice always stays up and running, uses the most cost-effective technologies, and receives the value they deserve from their IT investments.

This is important for any growing dental practice and especially for a large one like Vienna Family Dental. Dr. Rudolph and his team work in 12 operatories and currently use 25 computers. To ensure the practice has the technology they need without all the costs, NOVA implemented a Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS) solution for them.

What Is HaaS?

Hardware-as-a-Service provides access to hardware along with installation, accompanying software, maintenance, and upgrades. With no upfront capital investment, it’s an excellent solution for dental practices and businesses that rely on up-to-date technology.

New is better when it comes to hardware and software. HaaS is easy to upgrade and promotes reliability and security. Plus, you pay a fixed monthly fee for HaaS so you can budget your IT costs more effectively.

HaaS involves leasing network equipment such as servers, computers and some peripherals, which your business would otherwise have to purchase and replace after 3 to 5 years. Since HaaS includes all maintenance, service, hardware, updates and it also provides the peace of mind that you’ll always have the reliable technology you need. It’s what many dental practices and businesses in Northern Virginia are switching to.

Why Did Vienna Dental Switch To HaaS?

Dr. Rudolph and his team needed a more cost-effective approach to technology. The practice is growing all the time and purchasing and maintaining computers was something they didn’t need to worry about. HaaS alleviates a lot of hardware headaches and provides significant benefits.

Outdated IT equipment can be costly to maintain especially when you need 25 computers like Vienna Family Dental does. With HaaS, NOVA provides everything they need and maintains their 25 computers and server for a fixed monthly fee. Vienna Dental appreciates the value they receive from HaaS and the technology expertise that NOVA provides along with it.

Vienna Family Dental will never be hit with expensive IT bills. All of their computers, servers, and peripherals are maintained and warrantied for a monthly fixed fee. With NOVA and their HaaS services, the staff at Vienna Family Dental can focus on their patients without the worry of technology problems.

How Else Does Vienna Family Dental Benefit From NOVA’s IT Services?

NOVA has been providing IT service and support for Dr. Rudolph and his staff for over 10 years. As the practice has grown, NOVA’s professionals have provided up-to-date and cost-effective technology solutions.

Trish, the Front Desk Coordinator for the practice, tells us:

“NOVA handles all of our technology needs. They:

  • Help us maintain HIPAA compliance when transferring and storing patient data.
  • Ensure our encryption software is in place and working as it should.
  • Setup and manage a secure wireless network for our office staff and a separate guest network for our patients.
  • Provide for our business phone needs so we always stay connected.
  • Installed and maintain video surveillance cameras, so we always know what’s happening at the office, even when we’re not there.
  • Provide for our day-to-day technology needs, are readily available on email or by phone, and respond to our requests within an hour.
  • Help us when we have issues with our practice management software.
  • Provide IT Strategic Planning services and meet with Dr. Rudolph and team every three months to ensure we’re on track.
  • Work relentlessly to ensure our office and technology run at peak performance.

All of this gives us great peace of mind. Plus, we recently upgraded our IT system and NOVA worked around the clock for four days to ensure we would be up and running on a Monday morning. They go above and beyond for us, which is just one of the reasons we recommend them to others.”

What Specific IT Solutions Did NOVA Install And Implement?

  • A Sonicwall TZ300 with multiple Wireless Access Points for their 2-story office.
  • A CCTV solution so their staff can see what is happening upstairs or downstairs if they don’t have team members on each floor.
  • A Sonos Sound Solution to have calm music everywhere a patient may be.
  • Dual broadcasts in all 12 operatories. There’s a ceiling monitor mount for the patient view that tilts down so they can watch when in a supine position. And there’s a monitor at the 12 o’clock position on the wall for the dentist, assistant or hygienist.
  • Eaglesoft Practice Management software with Schick Imaging sensors.
  • 25 PCs and one server via their HaaS plan.
  • Secure and encrypted email.
  • Imaged-based on- and off-site backup solutions.
  • 24/7 Remote Monitoring and Management to ensure technology runs reliably and securely.

The End Result?

Running a busy dental practice isn’t easy. But with NOVA, the staff at Vienna Family Dental & Facial Aesthetics never have to worry about technology issues. They know they have reliable and expert dental IT support and cost-effective solutions that provide the value they require.

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