Stalled IT Infrastructure

This dental practice enlisted NOVA Computer Solutions’ help…

NOVA Computer Solutions Completes Stalled IT Infrastructure For New Dental Practice

This dental practice enlisted NOVA Computer Solutions’ help building their new IT environment after their other IT company stopped returning their calls.

Key points in this article:

  • The client was partway through building their new practice’s IT infrastructure when their IT company stopped responding to their phone calls and emails.
  • With just 3 weeks until their first patients’ appointments, the practice called NOVA Computer Solutions for help.
  • The NOVA Computer Solutions team picked up the project and completed it according to the original schedule.

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This Dental Practice Had Only 3 Weeks To Finish Building Their IT Environment

This dental practice recently contacted the NOVA Computer Solutions team because they needed help.

They had hired a different IT company to plan, install and deploy their IT infrastructure for their new practice. The project included many key components:

  • Cabling in walls
  • Computer mounts and keyboard trays
  • PC’s and peripherals
  • Printers
  • Backups
  • Cybersecurity solutions

Despite having signed a contract and paid deposits, this dental practice had not heard from their IT company in several weeks. With the project falling further behind every day, the practice’s staff knew they needed to find another company to take over the project.

This Dental Practice Called NOVA Computer Solutions

With just 3 weeks until their first patients would show up on-site, this dental practice called NOVA Computer Solutions for help.

Understanding that we needed to work quickly, our team rapidly surveyed the existing setup and developed a map for the practice’s infrastructure. Within days our team was onsite and in the process of writing the entire office. We carefully placed data and telephone drops where needed to ensure that every workstation was properly equipped when the practice opened.

Thanks to the extensive stock of hardware we maintain, we were also able to equip the practice with the computers, peripherals, and other technology they needed:

  • Monitor mounts
  • Keyboard trays
  • Server
  • PC’s
  • Productivity Software
  • Printers

NOVA Computer Solutions Kept This Dental Practice On Schedule

Ultimately, our team managed this project so efficiently that the practice and its other vendors did not have to adjust their daily schedules. Their IT environment was installed, configured, and live in time for them to see their first patients as initially planned.

As this practice’s new IT partner, the NOVA Computer Solutions team looks forward to providing ongoing support, knowledge, and assistance for years to come. In addition to supporting their IT, we will apply our dental industry expertise to help them attract new patients and further develop their business.

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