Annual Statement of Work

Annual Statement of Work This SOW is in conjunction with the Master Services Provider Agreement or “MSA”. This SOW does not replace the MSA but incorporates all the provisions and obligations set forth in the MSA. The current MSA may be accessed by the following link: legal pages @ to our legal document pages. […]

Annual Statement of Work

This SOW is in conjunction with the Master Services Provider Agreement or “MSA”. This SOW does not replace the MSA but incorporates all the provisions and obligations set forth in the MSA. The current MSA may be accessed by the following link: legal pages @ to our legal document pages. Should any provision of the MSA and this SOW conflict, the SOW shall take precedence. MSP provide the Services described below to the standards stated in the MSA.

This Statement of Work (“SOW”) dated May 1, 2021 (“SOW Effective Date”) supplements the Master Services Agreement effective as of _____, 2021 (the “Agreement”) by and between NOVA Computer Solutions, LLC_(“MSP”) and ___________________________ (“Client”). This SOW consists of the terms below, the signature page, and any unique attachments to this SOW, which are all incorporated into the Agreement by this reference and are made a part of the Agreement by all intents and purposes.

Services will be provided and limited as indicated in the check boxes below. Further service offerings can be secured via subsequent SOW’s.

Services offerings are based on the NIST (or other National Standard) however, services alone will not achieve compliance and Client should review the National Standard at Cybersecurity | NIST to review the broader requirements. MSP does not provide any National Standard/Law/Regulation compliance services and services provided will be limited to those elected below or as modified in subsequent SOW’s.

Capitalized terms used herein, unless otherwise defined, will have the meanings given to them in the Agreement.

  1. Period of the Agreement

This Agreement is effective as of the contract effective date and remains in effect for 36 months. The contract is renewed automatically after the initial 36 months on a 36-month basis. Upon termination there shall be no refund or credits allowed.

  1. Services Offerings (Services will be provided directly by MSP or as indicated.)

[ ] Antivirus software and management of software via Eset Inc.

[ ] Next-Generation Protection via Huntress Labs.

[ ] Monitoring and alerting of computers, servers, firewall, and network equipment via Connectwise.

[ ] Automated and manual maintenance of computers and servers (including software updates, patch management, and database management) via Connectwise.

[ ] Helpdesk Services

[ ] Project Services – design, quoting, implementation, and management.

[ ] Staff education on proper technology hygiene – weekly security tips & monthly newsletter.

[ ] Cyber-Security Training – via Breach Secure Now.

[ ] Backup & Disaster Recovery Services – via StorageCraft.

[ ] Drive Encryption – Drive encryption for all Laptops and Servers via Bitlocker.

[ ] Email Encryption – Email Encryption for HIPAA Compliance via Intermedia.

[ ]  Email Archiving – via StorageCraft.

[ ]  VPN Connections – Virtual Private Network Connections (Remote connections to the office) via SonicWall.

[ ] SonicWall Network Security Appliance – (Internet Router) via Sonicwall.

[ ] VoIP – Voice over Internet Protocol Telephones via 8×8.

[ ] HAAS – Hardware as a Service

*Please go to our website to the 3rd Party Providers sections for the current links to the indicated providers Terms and Conditions to which you may be subject.

  • Services Outside The Scope of MSP’s Service Offerings
  • Availability & Hours of Operation
Day Time Availability
Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Unlimited remote service. Onsite support $135.00.
Saturday – Sunday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM After-Hours Remote / Onsite Support billed at Weekend Labor Rate
Holidays Office is Closed After-Hours Remote / Onsite Support billed at Holiday Labor Rate
  • Scheduled Equipment /Location-Specify equipment under SOW.*
Servers 1
Desktop/Laptops 25
Business Continuity Plan – StorageCraft 499GB Backup Appliance (1Yr Retention 1
Total Monthly Free Support Hours included: 5
Security Plus (NextGen-Protection) 25
Breach Prevention Plan 25

*Equipment list in Exhibit A

6. Limitation of Liability

MSP’s aggregate liability arising from or out of or relating to services rendered under tis SOW shall be limited to the fees paid under this sow for the previous three (3) months. This limitation of liability shall extend to all services and products provided by MSP, unless agreed to otherwise by Customer and MSP, in writing. The Customer shall hold MSP harmless and provide any necessary payment of costs and expenses to MSP for any and all liability resulting from any claim that exceeds this limitation of liability stated herein.

  • Products Included (Hardware and/or Software)
    • 7.1 Eset Virus Protection
    • 7.2 Huntress Labs (Next Generation Protection)
    • 7.3 Breach Prevention Platform7.4 Service and products under this Agreement do not include any service or products not specifically provided for in this Agreement. If said service or product is not included in this SOW, then MSP is not responsible for said service or product.

Third Party Providers(s)

To enhance the services deliverables provided by MSP the MSP may utilize third party providers for certain services. In addition to the MSP, client MAY BE legally bound to the third-party provider’s Terms and Conditions. The 3rd party provider and link is available at our web site under the 3rd Party provider tab. Client may also be subject to and any other agreements and documents presented by the third party provider that are required to provide the services, each as amended by the third party provider from time to time.

Service Providers   Terms & Conditions**
Backup & Recovery StorageCraft Terms and Conditions – NOVA Computer Solutions
Virus Protection Eset Terms and Conditions – NOVA Computer Solutions
Next Generation Protection Huntress Labs Terms and Conditions – NOVA Computer Solutions
RMM Tool Connectwise Terms and Conditions – NOVA Computer Solutions
PSA Tool ConnectWise Terms and Conditions – NOVA Computer Solutions
Infrastructure Document Management ITGlue Terms and Conditions – NOVA Computer Solutions
Breach Presentation Platform Breach Secure Now Terms and Conditions – NOVA Computer Solutions
Sonicwall Network Security Appliance Sonicwall Terms and Conditions – NOVA Computer Solutions
Hard Drive Encryption Bitlocker Terms and Conditions – NOVA Computer Solutions
Email Encryption Intermedia Terms and Conditions – NOVA Computer Solutions

*** Third Party Providers may be changed/replaced during the service period


Fees will be $XXX.XX per month plus applicable taxes, invoiced to Client on a monthly basis, and will become due and payable on the first day of each month. Services will be suspended if payment is not received within 10 days following date due.


It is understood that any Federal, State or Local Taxes applicable shall be added to each invoice for services or materials rendered under this Agreement. Client shall pay any such taxes unless a valid exemption certificate is furnished to MSP for the state of use.


CLIENT has the option of billing by automatic withdrawal from checking account or credit card at the beginning of each month. Any late payments for invoiced services beyond the 1st of the month will be accessed a daily late charge based on an annual rate of 18% of the amount outstanding. Non-payment will result in temporary stoppage of services; CLIENT will have 15 days to make payment or services will be temporarily suspended until all payments are made in full.

ACH Billing
Monthly Reoccurring Service Fee: $
Initial Setup Fee $
Total Due $


All contracts that are canceled prior to term agree to pay for all off-boarding time and material fees.

Fee Increases

This contract has an automatic 5% increase yearly and MSP reserves the right to revise fees at any time. NOVA will provide the Client of the updated fee’s, other than the automatic yearly increase, fifteen (15) days prior to the next month’s invoice.

MSA Modifications

This SOW is effective only upon execution by MSP and Client. Each party hereto warrants and represents that this SOW. ___, the Agreement constitute the legal, valid, and binding obligation of such party as of the SOW Effective Date.

MSA with its provisions and obligations incorporated into this SOW can be accessed at: & conditions. Sign below to indicate your acceptance, of both the MSA and SOW and we’ll do the same.


MSP: _____________________________ Client:______________________________


Signature: __________________________ Signature: __________________________

Name: ________________________________ Name: _____________________________

Title: ________________________________ Title: ______________________________

Date: __________________________ Date:______________________________


Scheduled Equipment /Location


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