Protect Patient Dental Information Across Multi-Site Practices

NOVA Computer Solutions provides multi-site dental practices with a complete range of dental IT solutions including the protection of patient information and patient dental records.

How NOVA Computer Solutions Is Perfecting Data Access For Multi-Site Dental Practices

In order to deliver an undeniably high quality of service, the NOVA Computer Solutions team is constantly looking for ways to improve what we do for our clients in the dental industry.

Sometimes we identify areas for improvement independently, and in others, we identify a key problem and realize the solution can be applied to our entire network of clients. In either case, we determine how best to improve our services so that our clients get even greater ROI for their IT budget.

Just recently, one of our multi-site dental clients experienced a major server issue…

Protect Patient Dental Information Across Multi-Site Practices

The Problem

One of our clients that operates a multi-site practice recently encountered a critical issue with their data access capabilities. They have a primary server at their main office, and two replicated servers connected to it at the satellite offices.

Here’s the issue: when the main server went down, users at the satellite offices couldn’t authenticate their rights to access the data they needed. Without being able to access and update patient data, all three offices were essentially taken offline until the NOVA Computer Solutions team determined a solution.

The Solution

While we have already helped dental clients replicate their data through the cloud to each and every location that needs access to it, we are taking further steps to ensure availability and access.

In light of the situation explored above, we are implementing a new solution that will ensure satellite offices can authenticate access and reach patient data no matter what state the server is in.

This means that if your main server goes down, your staff at a satellite practice can still access patient data as needed. All you require is an active Internet connection.

We Will Continue To Improve Our Quality Of Support

This is just one example of the many ways that we are constantly striving to improve the way we support dental practices. Whenever we see an opportunity to better support our clients’ functionality, security, and continuity, we make it happen.

The NOVA Computer Solutions team is available to help you optimize your multi-location network of offices and/or practices.

Get in touch with us for expert support with your data sharing and communications technology.

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