Why Orthodontists Should Consider Ortho2 (Features/Benefits)

Whether you are already using a practice management software, or just starting to think about using one, Ortho2 has the practice management solution that you should consider.

Whether you are already using a practice management software, or just starting to think about using one, Ortho2 has the practice management solution that you should consider. It includes features like orthodontic scheduling, appointment control, treatment chart, and integration with imaging. And with Ortho2 Edge Cloud you can have all of this with anywhere/anytime/any device access with bank-level security and reliability. And you won’t need a server to use it.

Ortho2 provides the most up-to-date software technology designed just for orthodontic practices. It uses the most effective practice management tools to help increase your efficiency and profitability. For more than 30 years, they have exclusively served orthodontists in the U.S. and abroad to help them succeed.

The Edge Cloud

The Edge Cloud Management, Imaging, and Communication System is Ortho2’s cloud-based practice management system designed to help maximize the offerings the cloud provides. Edge is backed by theie industry-leading support team for both your software and hardware needs.

The Edge Cloud practice management and imaging data are located in a secure off-site cloud storage facility. Edge Cloud can be used in a variety of office settings – both large and small – and regularly gets updates, that are often provided by its users.

  • Security: It uses Bank-Level Security in a private cloud with 24/7/365 video monitoring, DVR retention, key card security, and biometric access points. In other words, secure! Redundant data entryways are protected by world-class anti-intrusion firewalls, and backups are saved on multiple platforms.
  • Access: With Edge Cloud, you’ll have access to your practice data from anywhere on any platform. Redundancies in hardware and internet paths mean any single failure won’t be a problem. There are always two major highways to access your data. Even if your internet access goes down temporarily, you can still access your data via cell-based network cards and routers.
  • Speed: Text transfers quickly and the Edge Cloud always retains a local copy of images which greatly improves access speed. Even when loading an image for the first time, the Edge Cloud quickly pulls and displays a thumbnail version and fills in the detail in the background while you work.
  • Cost: With the Edge Cloud, you don’t have to purchase configure, and maintain complex network servers, nor do you have the cost, time, and worries of creating your own data backups. Your initial and ongoing hardware costs are significantly lower. An Ortho2 network is 35%-44% less initially for typical practices, with similar reductions in ongoing expenses. Edge Cloud does require a usage-based hosting fee, but this is more than offset by other savings.
  • Requirements: A lot of heavy lifting for Edge Cloud takes place in the Could. But your local computers will still play a role and should have reasonable specifications. For PCs, we recommend any computer that came with Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 and at least 4GB of internal memory. For Macs, OSX with Parallels and 4GB or more of memory is recommended.

Dynamic Dashboard & Widget Library

You can monitor your key practice financials in real time and easily customize it to allow each user to individually select and configure exactly what they need to see.

You’ll benefit from convenient, automatic alerts if your key practice metrics fall below predetermined levels. And you’ll have many widgets to choose from including Correspondence, Light Bar, Practice Monitors, RSS Reader, Tasks, and more.

Edge Imaging

Edge Imaging is a powerful tool to help you manage patient photos with convenient analysis tools and easy-to-view layouts.

With Edge Imaging you’ll benefit from:

  • Robust imaging with time-saving features and easy customization.
  • Quick-access card flow presentation for all images.
  • Smart drag-and-drop features for customizable photo layouts.
  • The ability to return to the original image with unlimited undo’s.

Edge Imaging Streamlines Your Workflow: You’ll have quick and easy photo imports. Display a facial smile within a patient profile for quick identification to view photos in the Treatment Hub, and quickly email images directly to patients, responsible parties, and professionals. With the card-flow montage, smoothly stream your images for a great presentation with the option to see important information on the other side.

It’s Intuitive: Edge Imaging makes dealing with patient images a breeze. Fix photos with clear editing and unlimited undo’s so you can revert to the original image. Set up comparisons to view images from separate timepoints and show your patients the difference that your treatment has made. From importing images to timepoint comparisons, organizing and compiling photos are just a few clicks away.

Edge Imaging Is Customizable: Customize the look of your layouts, how your photos import, and what information goes along with your photo montage. Edge Imaging is all about making your life simpler while still being able to keep a record of all the patient photos that you take on a daily basis. For even more options, consider adding Premier Imaging to take your imaging to the next level.

It’s Versatile: Edge Imaging comes with built-in tools to help you save time. From angle measurements to annotation measuring tools, Edge Imaging is one of the most versatile imaging solutions out there. Plus, add any non-image file, including STL files to the Cloud for safe storage. Use it on any workstation with no additional costs and no dongles required.

Edge Animations

Edge Animations is a collection of powerful videos used to enhance patient education and compliance. The cutting-edge rendering techniques produce videos of such exceptional quality they must be seen for you to fully appreciate their educational power. You’ll have the ability to easily edit and customize videos, and allow patients and referrers access.

Transform your office with the power of Edge Animations with:

  • Powerful surgical animations
  • Easy-to-use graphical interface
  • Annotate and draw on animations
  • Custom audio narration available
  • True 3D (stereoscopic) animation
  • Email video links to patients and referrers
  • Publish videos to YouTube – show patients and prospects what to expect in your office
  • Customizable playlists – for quick access to frequently used videos
  • Integrated with patient treatment findings – to easily customize videos to individual patients
  • Drag-and-drop capabilities, so virtually any image or movie can be included
  • Extensive library of videos
  • Fully integrated with Edge Imaging
  • Network ready
  • Dual monitor support – for professional looking case presentations
  • Continuously updated and enhanced
  • Compatible with Ortho2 Edge Cloud or ViewPoint and available as a standalone program


ViewPoint from Ortho2 is more than a comprehensive practice management. With imaging and communication capabilities, as well as their proprietary time-saving tools, the leader in orthodontic practice management is also the leader in value.

Also with ViewPoint, you have the entire Ortho2 team behind you. Their proven track record spans more than 30 years of serving orthodontists exclusively.

ViewPoint is used by practices of all sizes—from single notebook startups to multiple offices networked with over 100 computers—and regularly updated with exciting new features and innovative technologies.

ViewPoint includes everything you need, resulting in a streamlined system for a smoother, more efficiently run practice. And it eliminates the cost and complexity of integrating programs from different sources to accomplish your goals. Use the features when you want at your convenience.

If you need a very reliable and stable system to run your orthodontics practice in Northern Virginia or the Metro DC Area, you should consider Ortho2 software. As a trusted IT consultant for orthodontists and dentists, NOVA Computer Solutions can help you ask the right questions and find the IT solutions that work best for your practice. Contact us for details.

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