NYC Dentist Stressed Out By Poor IT Support Calls NOVA Computer Solutions 

We get calls on a regular basis from dental practices looking for a better quality of IT support. They’ve been working with their current provider for years, and have finally gotten fed up with the ongoing problems. 

We get calls on a regular basis from dental practices looking for a better quality of IT support. They’ve been working with their current provider for years, and have finally gotten fed up with the ongoing problems.

That was the case with this NYC dentist that recently got in touch with our team. A practicing professional for forty years, and operating for more than half that time with computers in their office, this dentist was stressed out by their recent experience with IT support.

This NYC Dentist Needed Reliable and Consistent IT Assistance

This dentist’s office utilized a range of line of business software applications and relied on a number of servers to maintain and access patient records. IT is a core part of their daily processes, which is why their IT support is so critical.

For fifteen years, this dentist had enjoyed an effective working relationship with another IT company. Operating totally remotely, this IT provider had managed to keep the dentist’s IT environment operational on a consistent basis.

However, just recently, the dentist decided to try a new business phone system — that’s when the problems started. Their remote IT team became very difficult to work with. They dragged out the migration to the new phone system, and had trouble getting it set up properly.

Eventually, this led to the two businesses parting ways. The dentist found a new IT company to work with (at twice the monthly rate), and hoped the problems would go away. Unfortunately, the new IT team proved just as stressful to work with.

While the head of this IT company was skilled and helpful, the same could not be said of his team. They commonly made changes to the dentist’s IT environment without informing anyone about them, which made it very difficult for the dental staff to make use of their systems.

In addition to these communication problems, this new IT company’s response time was less than adequate. When the dentist needed help with an issue, he would be put into the ticketing system, often behind as many as 80 other support requests. In the meantime, his office’s productivity would plummet while they waited on a fix.

All of these issues combined had resulted in one of the most stressful periods of this dentist’s career. All he wanted was a reliable remote IT team to keep his systems running and provide help when he needed it.

That’s why he called NOVA Computer Solutions.

What Does NOVA Offer This NYC Dentist?

Over the course of a phone call, we explained the foundation of our IT expertise and how we could help eliminate this dentist’s IT stress.

NOVA offers 21 years of experience working directly with dental offices. We were originally founded in response to our owner’s market analysis, which identified a severe lack of dental technology expertise in the IT support industry.

Over our two-plus decades in business, NOVA has built a network of clients that is 97% dentists. The rest is made up of other medical organizations related to our primary vertical.

We handle everything for dental offices, including infrastructure management, software optimization and HelpDesk support. Our remote support is backed by management tools that provide ongoing updates on system performance every five minutes. When necessary, our Field Technician team can come onsite to solve issues that require direct support.

NOVA Computer Solutions delivers an extensive range of services designed for forward-thinking companies that understand that computers and technology are necessary and fundamental tools for succeeding in business. Through the development of carefully configured and managed IT environments, NOVA Computer Solutions helps clients to minimize risk and expenses while boosting productivity and efficiency.

The NOVA team strives for excellence in technology support services because they truly care about the businesses they support, and the community those businesses are a part of. By working to consistently provide top-notch services, NOVA makes it possible for their clients to do the same for their community and the surrounding areas.

NOVA Offers Stress-Free Support Designed For Dental Offices

After explaining the foundation of our expertise and the many services we offer, our team made arrangements to get to know this NYC dentist’s IT environment better.

We make sure to carefully evaluate our potential clients’ systems to ensure we’re the right match. If we don’t believe we can deliver exemplary service, we will refer the client to another member of the dental IT support community that we trust.

If your dental office’s IT is a consistent source of stress, get in touch with our team today. We can help you get back to focusing on caring for your patients.

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