NOVA Rescue Backup Is Here When You Need Us Most!

NOVA Rescue Backup works to be there for your business when you need it most. NOVA Rescue Backup provides your business with reliable data backup, protected storage, HIPAA compliance, business continuity, and data recovery.

Solutions We Provide

  • Backup Data – You keep valuable documents, data, and records that are pertinent to your business. NOVA ensures that this data is backed up and stored so that when and if you need to access it, you can easily do so. Additionally, this gives you peace of mind knowing that NOVA constantly and consistently backups your data. If anything were to happen, you know you could restore a backup and be right back on track.
  • Protected Data Storage – With NOVA you have an expert IT department, monitoring your network and data 24 hours a day seven days a week, but without that massive bill. This means that you have the confidence in knowing that your business is safe and reliable. We stay up to date on what cyberthreats are out there, and how best to protect your business. NOVA works hard to protect your network, computers, data, and internet from the latest of cyberthreats.
  • HIPAA Compliance – NOVA understands your business and the importance of the data in which it protects. We also understand HIPAA. This means that we offer HIPAA compliant data storage which is stored and protected offsite. A HIPAA violation fee is one less thing that you have to worry about. We’ve got you covered!
  • Business Continuity – If something goes wrong, our backup/restore services will get you back up and running quickly. Often businesses that aren’t able to recover within ten days of a disaster, or cyber attack, usually fail to recover at all. NOVA has proactive plans in place to reestablish your business quickly, no matter what comes your way.
  • Data Restore and Recovery – Your business’s livelihood depends on the data that you store and protect. We understand this importance and take great pride in taking care of it. Should a disaster happen, where you lose your physical office due to a hurricane or tornado, you wouldn’t lose your data as well? We would be there ready to restore your data and reestablish your business as soon as possible. This limits the downtime and helps you get back to focusing on your customers.

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