Trailblazing the Future of Dental Technology with NexHealth

Discover the cutting-edge partnership between NOVA Computer Solutions and NexHealth, revolutionizing dental technology. Uncover how NexHealth’s patient experience platform maximizes efficiencies and boosts revenue in dental practices. As your dental IT partner, NOVA ensures seamless technology management. Explore the future of dental tech now.

NOVA Computer Solutions Opens Doors Into The Best Dental Technology with NexHealth

As a trailblazer in dental technology, NOVA Computer Solutions remains a leading figure in the dental tech community and a proud affiliate of the Dental Integrators Association. This innovative organization persistently seeks out the finest technological solutions to meet the needs of its clientele. A remarkable outcome of this quest is its latest strategic partnership with NexHealth, an impressive patient experience platform.

Dan De Steno, the visionary founder and CEO of NOVA Computer Solutions, had a profound conversation with Chase Heiner, the dynamic head of reseller partnerships at NexHealth. The enlightening discussion aimed at exploring the myriad benefits NexHealth can bring to the table for the clients of NOVA Computer Solutions, such as higher revenue, increased patient turnout, and amplified ability to assist more people.

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Maximizing Dental Practice Efficiencies with NexHealth

But how exactly does NexHealth augment efficiencies within a dental practice, thereby boosting the bottom line? The answer lies in NexHealth’s unique functionalities that promote the overall growth of your practice.

NexHealth is an innovative patient experience platform that seamlessly integrates with your existing health record system. This means that NexHealth reads and writes appointments, forms, and more, so developers can focus on creating superb healthcare apps rather than spending time and resources constructing costly integrations.

NexHealth: Transforming the Patient Experience

NexHealth is more than just an Electronic Health Record (EHR)-integrated patient booking platform. It empowers practices to revolutionize the patient experience through real-time scheduling, patient communications, and more. The real-time scheduling feature can be embedded into websites or text/email messages, ensuring a seamless appointment booking process for the patients.

By introducing fully automated SMS/email recalls and reminders, NexHealth goes the extra mile to attract and retain patients. This patient engagement and experience management platform has a wide array of features that enhance patient interaction and facilitate effective practice management. These include digital forms, appointment reminders, online payments, video consultations, reporting, and two-way messaging.

Streamlining Practice Management with NexHealth

NexHealth is committed to digitizing your patient experience end-to-end, from when patients find your practice on Google to them filling out new patient paperwork and making payments. It provides automated billing and payment processing tools, enabling the generation and delivery of itemized statements to patients.

The automatic notifications alert patients about overdue or upcoming payments, which can be processed via the patient portal. The platform’s digital forms feature allows the conversion of existing forms into a digital format to collect patient health and contact information, ensuring that new data is digitally stored in each patient’s electronic health record.

Moreover, with NexHealth’s reports and analytics, you can track key practice metrics, including the number of appointments, patient satisfaction levels, practice performance, and cancellation rates. Its real-time appointment availability indicators enable automatic booking of last-minute appointments, efficiently filling any remaining slots and rescheduling recent cancellations.

Tailoring NexHealth to Your Practice Needs

NexHealth’s pricing begins at $350 per month and depends on the required features and the number of practice locations. The platform’s features span three tiers: Starter, Standard, and Pro. For additional pricing information, don’t hesitate to contact NexHealth directly.

NOVA Computer Solutions: Your Dental IT Partner

So, where does NOVA Computer Solutions fit into this equation? As your trusted dental IT partner, NOVA Computer Solutions deeply understands the technology that drives your practice. This firm ensures comprehensive management of your tech requirements and works collaboratively with your vendors, like NexHealth. The ultimate goal is to ascertain smooth technology operations from a broader perspective, providing peace of mind and efficient solutions.

In conclusion, the strategic partnership between NOVA Computer Solutions and NexHealth marks a pivotal step in the evolution of dental technology. The collaborative synergy of these two industry leaders promises to transform and elevate the patient experience while boosting the efficiency and profitability of dental practices.

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