Every Dentist Needs High-Performing Technology According To Latortue Smiles

When Latortue Smiles needed an IT company after their existing firm left them high and dry, NOVA Computer Solutions stepped into action.

NOVA Computer Solutions: Every Dentist Needs High-Performing Technology

Key Points:

  • Today’s dental practices demand fast, highly secure, and reliable IT support deliver better oral care to patients.
  • However, your IT can become a liability without expert guidance and maintenance, exposing your business to compliance violations, cybersecurity risks, unhappy patients, and cost inefficiency.
  • Instead of going for expensive in-house tech staff, you can outsource your IT needs to experts in the dental industry at a fraction of the price.
  • While outsourcing IT services is a great option, partnering with an IT company with extensive industry experience is essential to deliver reliable IT support and keep your operations running.
  • Latortue Smiles dental practice had an experience with both types of providers when they were looking for an IT partner after a renovation.

When you chose to enter dentistry, chances are you weren’t focused on becoming an IT expert. Your primary aim was to deliver unique expertise, intellect, and equipment to cater to people’s oral health.

Technology came into play to help your workday progress smoothly and efficiently. As a result, you need IT solutions that streamline your administrative and clinical operations to:

  • Keep you ahead of the competition
  • Allow your patients to enjoy a seamless experience
  • Increase your company’s efficiency in a competitive industry

However, going at technology alone in an industry full of cyber threats, compliance requirements, and high customer expectations can increase your risk. Your practice can benefit from leveraging an IT service provider specializing in the dental industry to take care of your technology needs while you focus on your patients.

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Not All Dental IT Service Providers Are The Same

Depending on various variables, outsourcing IT for your dental practice can be a blessing or a curse. Choosing the correct type of IT company that suits your needs is one of the most important variables to consider.

The main challenge when choosing an IT service provider is that many providers sound precisely the same on their websites. This calls for a keen evaluation process to find the right candidate to avoid ending up with a provider that doesn’t meet your expectations.

Latortue Smiles Faced a Hard Time With a Previous IT Service Provider

Latortue Smiles dental practice had an experience with an MSP that didn’t meet their expectations.

Daniel, the administrator for Latortue Smiles, says that their practice hired an IT company and presumed they could handle their IT requirements after renovation. However, their new IT partner reneged on their responsibilities and stopped returning their calls when the time of need came.

The IT company gave the practice sketchier and sketchier responses as days went by, and they couldn’t provide clear answers, get on-site, or do a virtual tour.

The Latortue Smiles administrator clarified that their dental practice had paid all the deposits months in advance because their dental practice was almost done with the renovation and would utilize IT support. Instead of support, the previous provider stood them up, leaving them inoperational.

The Hunt for a New IT Service Provider

Latortue Smiles had to look for another service provider at the last minute. After the wait, the dental practice started to hunt around for a provider specializing in their area.

The dental practice realized something was amiss and could ultimately affect their operations once the renovation was over.

Came in NOVA with Expertise in Dental Industry to the Rescue

In their search for a professional IT services company with a deep understanding of the dental industry, Latortue Smiles came across NOVA Computer Solutions.

NOVA called back promptly, which Daniel says was a good sign. Latortue Smiles noticed that the team from NOVA was asking intelligent questions that showed they knew what a dental practice is supposed to do.

With over 20 years of experience in the IT field, NOVA had the knowledge and expertise to provide the dental IT services that Latortue Smiles needed. In addition, NOVA is located in the DC Metro area, so they are familiar with the local dental regulatory requirements.

NOVA customized IT solutions, specifically for Latortue Smiles, which gave them confidence that their IT was in good hands.

What Should Dental Practices Consider Before Hiring an MSP?

No question. Having an IT service provider to manage your IT has multiple benefits. However, to avoid a bad experience, you should take the following factors into account:

1. The Provider’s Experience in Dealing with Dental Practices

There are many generic IT firms, and although skilled and equipped, they may not be familiar with the dental industry. Your dental practice is better off with an MSP that specializes in the dental industry, as they’ll bring experience and knowledge of:

  • The unique technology in the dental industry
  • HIPAA compliance requirements
  • Dental software operations

A combination of all these will help you solve problems that a general IT firm may not know how to solve.

2. Great Communication

No business should have to deal with an MSP who communicates poorly. Partnering with an IT company requires constant communication to solve issues, sometimes in real-time. You should reconsider your options when your MSP takes a long to respond or is challenging to contact whenever you need help.

If an IT issue affects your operations at a serious level and your IT team is unreachable, you risk losing profits and productivity while putting your reputation at stake. You need an IT partner you can easily reach and communicate with about your current business disposition.

3. Excellent Technical Skills

When you hire a service provider, you expect a dedicated team of technicians in the dental industry who can not only handle but anticipate your needs as well. You should ascertain your service provider is up to the task and an in-depth understanding of the inner workings of the dentistry industry to fix your practice’s tech-related issues.

Your IT partner’s lack of knowledge in dentistry tech could backfire on you and cause huge legal and financial problems for your practice.

NOVA Can Help Your Dental Practice With All Tech-Related Issues

For over two decades, we’ve helped dentists throughout Northern Virginia, Metro Washington DC, and Maryland with their IT support. Our experts have been streamlining dentists’ technology with their clinical and administrative practices to ensure a seamless workflow and can help you too.

Contact us today to help you reduce patient management problems and other IT-related issues so that you can only focus on delivering dental care.

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