The Power Of Industry Peer Groups

Explore how Dan De Steno and NOVA Computer Solutions leverage the power of IT industry peer groups, like the Dental Integrators Association, to drive technological innovation, foster collaboration, and bolster business strategy. Discover the transformative impact of shared knowledge, industry benchmarks, and networking on business growth in the IT sector.

Harnessing Peer Power: How Dan de Steno and NOVA Computer Solutions are Redefining Technological Leadership in the IT Industry

Over the last two decades, NOVA Computer Solutions has emerged as a reliable and innovative provider of technology services to dental offices and small businesses. This impressive trajectory, under the leadership of founder Dan de Steno, is primarily due to NOVA’s strategic utilization of the collective knowledge and wisdom found in IT industry peer groups and associations.

An active member of several groups, including the Dental Integrators Association (DIA), NOVA has harnessed the benefits of shared experiences, knowledge, and industry-wide benchmarks to continually refine its services, fortify its technology leadership, and sustain a client-centric business model.

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Catalyzing Growth Through Shared Knowledge

Industry peer groups bring together professionals with a common goal – to learn, share, and collaborate. De Steno quickly recognized the value inherent in such a gathering of minds and has effectively utilized this resource to drive NOVA’s growth and innovation.

These forums act as think tanks, allowing businesses to share their experiences, challenges, and solutions. As a part of these groups, NOVA is privy to the collective wisdom of hundreds of industry peers. It is a knowledge base that de Steno and his team can tap into, learning from the successes and failures of others and applying those lessons to enhance NOVA’s service offerings.

Utilizing Benchmarks to Drive Performance

Access to industry-wide benchmarks is another significant advantage provided by peer groups. These data-driven insights from various similar businesses serve as invaluable performance indicators.

De Steno has utilized these benchmarks to understand where NOVA stands compared to industry norms, shedding light on areas that require improvement and revealing the strengths that set the company apart from its competitors. Through this iterative evaluation and improvement process, NOVA has been able to deliver best-in-class IT solutions to its clients, continuously raising the bar for its performance.

Building a Network of Collaborators

Peer groups are more than just a source of knowledge and benchmarks. They also serve as a networking and collaboration platform, offering businesses opportunities to connect, share resources, and tackle common challenges.

De Steno has capitalized on this aspect, forming strategic partnerships and alliances that have expanded NOVA’s reach and influence in the industry. Furthermore, through these collaborations, NOVA often co-develops innovative solutions that push the envelope in dental technology. This not only reinforces NOVA’s position as a technology leader but also contributes to the evolution of industry standards, paving the way for the overall growth and success of the profession.


Under Dan de Steno’s guidance, NOVA Computer Solutions’ journey exemplifies the transformative power of IT industry peer groups. The company has maximized the value of these platforms, leveraging collective intelligence, industry benchmarks, and collaborative opportunities to drive its technological leadership and business strategy.

This commitment to learning, partnership, and continual improvement has solidified NOVA’s reputation as a top-tier technology service provider for dental practices. It’s a shining example of how businesses can harness the power of peer groups to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving technological landscape, underscoring the profound impact of collaboration and shared knowledge on business success.

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