Florida Dentistry Clinic Recruits NOVA to Implement Cloud Computing Solutions

A dentistry clinic in Dunedin, Florida was looking for a team of IT specialists to help them implement efficient and reliable Cloud computing solutions.

Florida Dentistry Clinic Recruits NOVA to Implement Cloud Computing Solutions

A dentistry clinic in Dunedin, Florida was looking for a team of IT specialists to help them implement efficient and reliable Cloud computing solutions. NOVA Computer Solutions quickly rose to the occasion and brought in dynamic Cloud solutions to help this Florida dental team streamline and modernize their IT resources.

NOVA Implements Reliable Cloud Computing Solutions for Florida Dental Clinic

Not too long ago, our team of IT specialists was contacted by a Florida dental clinic. They were on the hunt for a Florida-based IT provider who could help them modernize their IT infrastructure. They were currently using on-premise servers to support their daily operations, but they thought it was time to migrate their IT infrastructure to the Cloud.

As soon as we got in contact with them, we told them they had already got the hardest part out of the way. They had realized what they wanted out of their IT resources and they’d reached out to a professional IT consultant for support. Whenever we encounter an organization that knows the exact kind of IT support they’re looking for, we jump at the chance to work with them. An organization that already understands the business value of cloud migration? Sign us up.

The team of IT specialists at NOVA are highly experienced in supporting dental practices with customized IT solutions. We help dental clinics of all shapes and sizes streamline clinic operations and reduce IT costs by designing, implementing, and maintaining IT infrastructures that consistently support productive, patient-centric dental care.

Now more than ever, we’ve been helping Florida dental professionals migrate their traditional IT systems to secure, dynamic, and fully-optimized Could infrastructures. The more we see dental practices embrace the Cloud, the more we’re convinced that it’s the best IT decision for all dental clinics in our fast-evolving world. If approached correctly, Cloud migration can be an efficiency-maximizing game-changer for dental practices large and small.

That’s why were immediately eager to help this Florida dental team plan a strategic transition to the Cloud. It’s also why we’ve decided to share our experience of supporting them. Our hope is that more dental teams will be inspired to consider the benefits of Cloud migration and the value of reaching out to a team of experienced IT professionals for support.

Why Did This Florida Dental Clinic Decide to Migrate Their IT Resources to the Cloud?

As we mentioned, the great thing about this Florida dental team was that they came to us with a clear idea of what they needed. They explained that they were currently using on-premise servers to operate, but that they had recently decided that Cloud migration was the best choice. They knew making the transition would drive major improvements in their clinic operations overall.

They wanted our help implementing a reliable and secure Cloud infrastructure and needed our support migrating their 130 GB of on-premise data to their new Cloud solution. They wanted to centralize patient data and clinic resources in one secure and accessible place so they could streamline operations, increase efficiency, and reduce costs.

Here’s the kind of Cloud computing solutions this Florida dental clinic was looking for:

  • Communication solutions – They wanted all their internal email and communication tools to be centralized on a Cloud platform. They wanted to make it easier for colleagues to communicate with each other and with clients by modernizing and centralizing avenues of communication.
  • Scheduling solutions – They wanted their scheduling software centralized and virtualized so that booking and confirming client appointments would be made easier and more efficient. They wanted to streamline the scheduling process by making better use of strategic IT solutions.
  • Data & resource centralization solutions – More than anything they wanted a Cloud infrastructure that could store and transmit patient data in one central location. They also wanted all the IT tools and resources they relied on to be centralized in the same place to drive accessibility and efficiency.
  • Secure access solutions – Finally, they wanted to ensure their Cloud infrastructure was entirely secure. This meant it had to be designed to protect patient data and provide secure access no matter where an employee or client may be accessing the Cloud from. They needed IT security and regulatory compliance to be a key component of their approach to Cloud migration.

As you can see, this Florida dental team had put some serious thought into what they wanted to get out of Cloud migration. From our perspective, this is great, because the more we know about our clients and how they want IT to support their operations, the more we can customize the IT strategy we develop for their clinic. We couldn’t wait to get started.

NOVA Computer Solutions Moves Fast to Implement Cloud Infrastructure for Florida Dentistry Clinic

Once we had a clear idea of what this Dunedin dental team was looking for, we worked to design a customized Cloud migration plan. We wanted to design a fully-optimized Cloud infrastructure for their clinic and needed to determine the most efficient way to migrate their on-premise data. Minimizing business disruption was our guiding principle.

We determined the best way to centralize their resources in the Cloud and made sure their Cloud infrastructure was protected with multiple layers of security. Then, we worked efficiently and outside regular clinic hours to migrate their on-premise data and ensure the Cloud infrastructure was perfectly positioned.

We made sure this dental team was sufficiently trained on the new technology and remained consistently onboard for round-the-clock support. The result? This Florida dental team has completely eliminated all their on-premise hardware and is now taking advantage of a fully-streamlined and cost-effective IT infrastructure in the Cloud.

Here are the Cloud solutions we implemented for this Florida dental team:

  • Streamlined Communication: On the new Cloud infrastructure, all of their email and communication tools are centralized and secured in one accessible location. Their team is even making use of chat features for internal communication and video-conferencing tools to conduct quick meetings and consults. Staying in touch with clients is easier and team communication is stronger than ever before.
  • Stress-Free Scheduling: Alongside their communication solutions, we also made sure to centralize and optimize their scheduling software. Not only did we make sure their scheduling software could be accessed in and through their secure Cloud infrastructure, but we also helped this dental team optimize their use of the software by uncovering and mobilizing automation features.
  • Centralized Data & Resources: Next, we made sure we migrated their on-premise data carefully. We made sure it was centralized and stored in an organized and accessible fashion. We also made sure to centralize all other clinic resources as well so that all required software and patient care tools were all deployed from a single, optimized location.
  • Secure & Compliant Access: More than anything, we made sure their entire Cloud migration process was approached with security and compliance top of mind. We made sure sensitive data was encrypted and that the Cloud infrastructure was protected by multiple layers of security from end-to-end. We made the Cloud infrastructure as accessible as possible and helped make sure every member of the team was trained on secure access and best practice.
  • Longterm Scalability: Finally, we developed a customized Cloud infrastructure that was designed to be scalable as this dental clinic grows. Their entire Cloud infrastructure is positioned for continual growth, adaptation, and optimization. We also made sure this dental team knew that we would stay on board as their strategic partner. We would work consistently to keep their Cloud solutions up-to-date, secure, and optimized.

Need Support? NOVA Computer Solutions Provides Dynamic Cloud Solutions for Florida Dentists!

Since migrating to the Cloud, this Dunedin dental clinic has seen its approach to operations change drastically. Communication is optimized, scheduling is streamlined, and they can always count on secure access to centralized data and resources. We were so happy to hear it, but we weren’t surprised, As we mentioned, we’ve seen countless Florida dental clinics optimize their clinic operations and patient care by migrating to a Cloud-based IT solution.

That’s why we encourage all Florida dental professionals to reach out to us if they’re considering leaving their traditional IT system behind. Cloud infrastructure is quickly becoming the singular way that dental clinics are running operations and there are major benefits to be reaped. If your dental clinic is looking to embrace the modern workplace, reach out to the team of IT specialists from NOVA Computer Solutions. We can’t wait to help you transform.

Give us a call anytime at (703) 493-1796, drop us a line at info@novacomputersolutions.com, or visit our website at www.novacomputersolutions.com to book an initial consultation about Cloud solutions for your dental clinic.

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