Can Oral Surgeons Use The Edge Cloud 6?

A New Hampshire multi-dentist practice contacted NOVA Computer Services looking for help in selecting and implementing new practice management software. The administrator needed advice on whether Edge Cloud 6 was the right choice for oral surgeons in the practice.

Can Oral Surgeons Use The Edge Cloud 6?

BYDaniel De Steno|April 17, 2019|Business IT Articles, News, and Tips

Recently, a New Hampshire multi-dentist practice contacted NOVA Computer Services looking for help in selecting and implementing new practice management software. The administrator needed advice on whether Edge Cloud 6 was the right choice for oral surgeons in the practice.

Sorting through the different types of dental practice software solutions can be a daunting process. That’s why so many dental practices turn to NOVA for IT strategy, solutions and maintenance. We help dental practices focus on their patients and grow their business.

What Can Edge Cloud 6 Offer to a Dental Practice?

Edge Cloud 6 is a great solution for dental practices. For the practice that contacted us recently, it was one of several products under consideration, including ViewPoint and Dentrix Enterprise, the latter of which the practice was already using.

Technology is a growing part of the practice of medicine. It’s an integral part of how services are delivered, records are stored and accessed, and privacy is maintained.

Edge is a cloud-based practice management solution. It includes tools that help manage imaging, communications and workflows. It’s predominantly used for orthodontics practices, not oral surgeons.

What Are the Challenges of Installing Edge Cloud 6 and Other Software Solutions?

You need a practice management solution that provides the right tools to meet your practice’s needs. One emerging challenge is the nature of dental business today. Increasingly, individual or small practices are disappearing. Instead, group practices are increasingly the norm.

As practices consolidate, there are ample advantages for patients. Having more choices and coverage options provides for greater flexibility. By combining various dental specialties under one roof, practices provide better continuity of care and seamless patient experiences.

For dental professionals, many of whom are saddled with large amounts of student debt, the cost-sharing possibilities — staff, expenses and overhead — provide more affordability and profitability. They also make it complicated to find practice management solutions that address all the unique needs of providers and specialties.

What Other Technologies Do Dental Practices Need to Consider?

One of the most important technological concerns for dental professionals is maintaining HIPAA compliance. Maintaining privacy for sensitive patient medical information is an absolute must. That’s why so many dental practices are moving towards cloud-based solutions.

Cloud technology allows you to store medical records, financial records and software applications online. These solutions help provide easy access to information, not only in the office but also via home offices or mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets and laptops.

With that improved accessibility comes the obligation to ensure that data are protected, both while in transit and at rest. Security solutions must include encrypted transactions, next-generation firewalls that monitor your network perimeter and website, and automated anti-malware, anti-virus and anti-phishing desktop security.

“A robust cybersecurity system and plan is no longer an option. It’s a necessity for all healthcare providers,” notes John Bruley, director of information technology for Delta Dental of Arizona. “Whether you have a million-dollar corporation or small dental practice, it’s important to invest in protecting your patients’ information, because medical information is worth a great deal to fraudulent parties.”

Cloud solutions are also affordable, predictable and scalable. There are established monthly rates. However, if you need additional storage to accommodate practice growth, you can easily add additional storage capacity quickly, without the need to buy, install, configure, maintain and secure additional on-premises servers.

Who Can Assistant With Dental IT Services?

At NOVA Computer Services, we specialize in helping dental practices with high-impact IT solutions. We work to create customized solutions designed to address specific needs. Our services include:

  • NOVA Maintain — A flat-rate IT option to manage your infrastructure and network with robust security
  • NOVA Email — A secure communications solution that allows for communication and collaboration
  • NOVA Rescue Backup — An automated data backup plan that keeps your data protected offsite and allows for rapid recovery in the event of a natural disaster or cyberattack
  • Hardware and Software as a Service — Providing installation, maintenance, support and upgrades for the tools critical to practice operations

Contact us to learn more about how NOVA can deliver the solutions necessary for your dental practice.

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