Is Your IT Company Part Of The Dental Integrators Association?

What is the Dental Integrators Association? The DIA is made up of IT companies committed to helping the dental industry with technology.

Don’t settle for an IT company that is an expert with the dental technology your practice relies on every day.

In this new video, NOVA CEO Daniel De Steno is on-site in Jacksonville Beach, FL at the latest meeting of the Dental Integrators Association.

This group of around 30 dental-focused IT companies meets regularly throughout the year to share insight, learn about new developments in dental IT, and more:

YouTube video

What Is The DIA?

The Dental Integrators Association (DIA) is a robust and growing network of dental technology proficient IT companies. The organization was founded to ensure that companies in this highly specialized sector could share knowledge, stay informed of relevant developments in the industry, and more.

The NOVA team is proud to be a part of the DIA. By meeting with our fellow members a few times a year and having regular conference calls, we can further improve the quality of service we deliver to our clients in the dental industry.

Why Does Your IT Company Need Dental Expertise?

Does your IT company have experience and expertise with dental technology? Or just with IT?

That’s the NOVA difference, which is a direct result of our work in the DIA.

We don’t just support the IT systems that dentists use—we provide end-to-end support for the specific technologies you use every day.

Dental lasers, intraoral scanners, X-Ray systems…over the course of our 22 years in business, we’ve seen it all.

What We Do For The Dentists We Partner With

NOVA Computer Solutions designs our services strategically so that you’re able to leverage the most power from your technology to improve your practice.

We deliver an extensive range of services designed for forward-thinking dental practices that understand that computers and technology are necessary and fundamental tools for success.

Through the development of carefully configured and managed IT environments, NOVA helps clients to minimize risk and expenses while boosting productivity and efficiency.

What We Deliver To Dental Practices

  • Expert assistance in procuring, installing, and maintaining key dental technologies
  • Robust HIPAA compliance support to ensure you are properly protecting and managing ePHI
  • Protection of your network with managed antivirus & firewalls to combat malware, viruses, spam, and various emerging threats.
  • Monitoring and maintenance of your IT systems to prevent, detect, and resolve issues around-the-clock.
  • Backup of your data both onsite and offsite to ensure complete data recovery in the event of a natural disaster or human error.
  • Provision of a secure data access solution to enable your staff to access important files from any device or location.
  • Remote & onsite support whenever necessary to address all of your IT-related questions, concerns, or issues.
  • Affordable fixed monthly fees to help you make the most of your IT investment—without going over your budget.

NOVA Is An Expert Outsourced Technology Department For Dentists

The NOVA team strives for excellence in technology support services because we truly care about the dental practices we support.

By working to consistently provide top-notch services, we are proud to make it possible for our clients to do the same for their patients. If you’re tired of IT support that only supports your IT, get in touch with the NOVA team.

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