NOVA Computer Solutions Helps Dentists In Northern Virginia Deploy IT In New Environment

Do you know how to update an IT environment you’re now in charge of due to a recent acquisition? NOVA Computer Solutions will help.

Dentists In Northern Virginia Deploy IT In New Environment With NOVA Computer Solutions’ Help

Congratulations, you’ve acquired a new dental practice – are you unsure of where to begin with updating its technology?

Acquisitions allow dental practices to grow without having to attract new clients or other forms of conventional business. They’re an important source of non-organic growth – but they can be difficult to execute properly. For many practices, the decision to acquire another practice is the easy part – it’s what comes next that’s difficult, especially in where technology is concerned.

That’s exactly why a dental practice in Northern Virginia recently got in touch with us. They had acquired a new practice, along with all of its out of date technology. They knew they needed to upgrade it, so they came to NOVA Computer Solutions for expert guidance.

How NOVA Computer Solutions Helps Dentists In Northern Virginia

We follow a carefully developed 5-step process to gain the necessary info about clients’ IT and determine what updates need to be made:

  1. Strategic Assessment: This process determines the reliability, security, and business alignment of the current IT systems.
  2. Visioning: Based on the findings of the first step, we select the right solutions to address current problems.
  3. Solutions Design: We develop a diagram that serves as the blueprint for implementing the new network.
  4. Solutions Implementation: We deploy the range of solutions laid out in the design phase, evaluate the results, develop a communications strategy for feedback, and conduct training for staff if required.
  5. Life Cycle Management: From that point on, we manage IT assets from inception to their end of life.

What Does NOVA Computer Solutions Provide To Dentists In Northern Virginia?

With more than two decades of experience working with dental practices, the NOVA team has gained an expert understanding of the line of business software and hardware they rely on:

  • Mounting Solutions: The positioning and installation of mounting solutions is an important part of a dental office’s efficacy. We work with the leading mounting solution providers to present dental clients with a variety of options for your computers, monitors, and peripherals at our disposal.
  • Communication Solutions: Whether our dental clients are looking to implement an internal communication solution to improve office communication or are interested in a new phone system for their office, we can assist with the installation & configuration of these solutions.
  • Teledentistry: NOVA Computer Solutions is here to help general dentistry practices in Charlottesville, VA find the best teledentistry software for their needs, allowing their staff to work with their patients remotely. We equip dental staff with the right technologies to support communication and collaboration in the effort to provide remote dental care for patients.

Looking For Expert IT Guidance During For Your Next Dental Practice Acquisition?

The bottom line is that you have enough to deal with during an acquisition already – why add IT to your responsibilities? Allow NOVA Computer Solutions to take IT off your plate – we can manage your IT during the process, making sure you aren’t taking on any unnecessary risks.

Click here to get started or call us at (703) 493-1796.

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