We Offer High-Performing Dental IT Services to Streamline System Operations

We Offer High-Performing Dental IT Services to Streamline System Operations

  • Are you looking to enhance your dental office communication systems?
  • Are your IT solutions compliant with industry-best standards and legal requirements?
  • Do you need remote server monitoring solutions to watch your system’s health?

From workflow problems to the inability to save patient records, IT-related issues can slow down your dental practice. Busy dentists may lack the time and resources to resolve such problems and the work backflow they create. Partnering with an experienced IT provider offers access to reliable technology solutions that support your practice.

NOVA Computer Services offers reliable dental IT solutions that help orthodontists, oral surgeons, and dental offices in Metro Washington DC focus on serving their clients. Count on us for all your IT installation and configuration needs. Our reliable tech support delivers customized solutions that match your business’ specific needs. Let us help you maximize your system’s efficiency to improve patient outcomes.

We Offer High-Performing Dental IT Services to Streamline System Operations
How Can You Benefit From NOVA’s Dental IT Services?

How Can You Benefit From NOVA’s Dental IT Services?

NOVA offers years of experience in supporting dental practices to implement robust IT practices. Our IT project delivery solutions help you complete projects within your budget. We proactively manage and monitor your practice’s technology systems to maintain seamless operations 24/7. Our expert team can help you implement Office 365 solutions to enhance collaborations and communication in your team.

We offer robust disaster recovery plans that help minimize disruptions in case of unexpected events. Our state-of-the-art data backup solutions secure sensitive patient records while ensuring that your practice remains HIPAA-compliant. We provide consultation services and customized computer networks to match your practice’s unique needs. Our tech experts can handle your IT needs conclusively to eliminate technical distractions, enabling you to deliver unmatched patient care.

Leverage multiple benefits from our dynamic dental IT services, including:

  • Peak performance IT solutions
  • Prompt resolution for your technology needs
  • Regular maintenance of your tech infrastructure
  • Predictable IT budgets
  • Hybrid backups to mitigate ransomware

NOVA’s Dental IT Services

At NOVA, we have the technical expertise and experience to deliver reliable IT support to ensure that your practice runs smoothly. Partner with us for:

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Cybersecurity Solutions

NOVA offers a dedicated cybersecurity system that protects critical patient and staff data. Our training and awareness solutions arm your staff with IT best practices to stop hacking attempts. Let us perform internal and external vulnerability tests to identify and resolve tech loopholes in your system. Our cybersecurity solutions also include:

  • Compliance with industry standards
  • Customized audits and security assessments
  • Unified threat management
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IT Consulting Services

Our expert team can help you implement superior technologies that match your specific needs. With our virtual CIO services, your dental practice can develop a strategic IT plan that keeps your future growth in mind. Count on us to help you leverage your technology investments. We can recommend timely improvements to your systems to enhance tech effectiveness and efficiency. Our solutions provide:

  • Access to trained IT support experts
  • Optimum software integrations for your practice
  • Rock-solid IT support
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Managed IT Solutions

We offer flat-rate managed IT solutions that help to monitor your networks to maintain smooth business operations. Our 24/7 available support ensures that you rely on efficient and secure systems while doing business online. NOVA’s expert team delivers faster IT issue resolution, helping you enjoy less downtime on your systems. Our tech solutions will help you:

  • Experience fewer day-to-day tech issues
  • Plan and configure solutions fit for your practice and budget
  • Enhance profitability and productivity

Find Cost-Effective IT Support for Your Dental Practice

NOVA Computer Services is your go-to-place for efficient dental IT services in Metro Washington DC. Let us help you implement tech solutions that fit your practice’s present and future needs. Call us today to learn more!

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