What Should I Look for from Dental IT Services in Austin, Texas?

Are you looking for Dental IT Services in Austin Texas? Nova Computer Solutions can help your dentistry with managed IT, security, and HIPAAs compliance.

As dental technology continues to evolve at unprecedented rates, practitioners must focus on creating stability within their dental office IT infrastructure while looking at scalable solutions that can accommodate new technology integrations and business growth. Current trends in augmented reality, teledentistry, artificial intelligence, CAD/CAM, and communications require a higher level of IT support.

Therefore, Dental IT services must come from a team of highly-trained specialist who understands not just the IT industry at large, but the specific needs of dentists and their staff. So, as a medical specialist, you may be wondering which dental IT services in Austin Texas have the skills, technology, and training necessary to manage your hardware, software, equipment, and your entire IT network.

Below, we outline what you should look for and what you should expect in a dental IT provider. If you have any further questions, feel free to call NOVA Computer Solutions. We can sit down with you and discuss your concerns, answer your questions, and help you come up with the right solutions for your clinic.

Look for Complete Managed IT Services

Like any other business, your clinic relies heavily on technology on almost every level of operation. From scheduling and communications to reporting, data storage, and patient privacy IT is at the heart of what you do. Therefore, your first objective should be to find a company that can manage every component within your IT infrastructure.

Outsourcing your technology to an IT company allows you and your team to focus on providing exceptional care for your patients.

  • Complete maintenance and management: Try to find a company that offers a flat-rate pricing structure so that you can know what to budget for each month. A flat-rate IT service also provides a packaged service that includes full maintenance and management of your network.
  • Email services: A reputable IT company should be able to provide secure encrypted email services so that you can safely communicate with your clients or partners without compromising their privacy.
  • Full data storage and backup: If you are still storing and backing up your data on site, then you are at risk of a data breach. IT companies now offer cloud-based data storage and backup to protect your digital assets and quarantine your most private and secure client files. Backup and recovery services also ensure that you never lose your data. This also guarantees that you can keep running your business regardless of any disaster that might damage your on-site IT.
  • Equipment management: An IT provider should offer ongoing equipment management to ensure that your hardware and other equipment are running smoothly with no disruptions. A company should be able to identify issues in your equipment and make the necessary replacement or repairs quickly to foster business continuity.

Look for Knowledgeable and Experienced IT Consultants

Find an IT provider who can help you create a realistic budget, analyze your technology, and create a long-term strategic IT Plan that will sustain your business. The right IT provider can outline the services you need to meet your organizational goals as well as prepare your dentistry for business growth.

Long-term strategic planning includes elements such as:

  • Integrating cloud technology into your network
  • Identifying vulnerabilities in your network security and creating a multi-layered approach to protecting your data
  • Preparing your business for worst-case scenarios and disasters that could arise at any moment
  • Developing solutions for simplifying your processes, streamlining your technology, and reducing unnecessary IT costs.
  • Improving efficiency in your workflow so that your team benefits from higher productivity.

In essence, an IT consultant is vested in the long-term success of your practice. They play a crucial role in improving every area of your organization so that your dentistry can thrive. They do more than just fix problems. The look to the future to rise above the issues and prevent them from happening in the first place.

Look for Dental IT Services That Understand Compliance

As a dental professional, you must adhere to compliance regulations in every aspect of your work. As a result, secure technology should be at the forefront of your business practices.

An experienced dental IT provider understands your compliance issues and can provide the right technology that protects your dentistry from audits, fines, or other penalties relevant to your industry. With constant changes in HIPAA, non-compliance and PHI breaches can hurt your business and your reputation.

Therefore, you should work with a company that provides HIPAA Consulting Services so that you can handle a wide range of possible issues such as:

  • Unified Threat Management (UTM)
  • Server Encryption
  • Encrypted Email
  • Security Analysis

A seasoned team of IT professionals should understand the requirements of HIPAA and how to execute them so that you don’t have to worry about compliance. NOVA’s team of experts can write compliance policies and procedures that are customized according to your internal processes and organizational infrastructure.

We can help you reduce your vulnerability to risk and strengthen your IT security. Our team of experts can also assess, manage and mitigate your compliance risk. By working with NOVA IT professionals who understand current HIPAA rules and regulations, you can feel confident that you’ll pass a surprise audit at any time. We can also provide compliance training throughout the year according to HIPAA regulation updates and technology requirements. You and your team never have to miss a guideline again.

We can also help you with PCI Compliance Audits to ensure you are practicing safe credit-card use and storage, as well as adequately concealing the identity of your patients. NOVA Computer Solutions can provide guidance and training for your staff, along with vulnerability assessments to ensure your patients’ Personally Identifiable Information (PII) stays private.

Our services and training include

  • Security Awareness Training for your staff
  • Customized Audits
  • Point-Of-Sale Security Assessments

Complete Dental IT Services in Austin, TX

If you are looking for a reliable Dental IT service in Austin Texas, then contact NOVA Computer Solutions. We offer scalable, secure IT solutions for dentists and related medical professionals. To schedule a consultation with one of our IT specialists, call us at (888) 711-3234. You can also message us at info@novacomputersolutions.com.

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