Paying Too Much For Your Dental Office Data Backup Services?

From patient records to data relative to billing, the average dental office must keep track of a ton of stored data. If you are operating a dental practice, it is critical that you have a reliable data backup solution that can provide you with offsite cloud storage. There will usually come a point as your practice grows that you will have to pay for data backup for dentists. Take a look at a few things you should know about why your dental practice needs this off-site storage, how to find the best, and what you should be paying for these services.

A Look at the Importance of Offsite Storage for Data Backup for Dentists

The average dental office will see multiple patients in one day; sometimes, even multiple patients in a single hour. Throughout the day, all of the paperwork and files that result from these transactions stack up to a tremendous volume of data that has to be stored and kept. With so many patients, it is almost hard to imagine just how many data records one office can collect over the course of a single year. Storing everything electronically is naturally the only solution, but even storing all that data electronically can take a lot.

The easiest solution is to look for an offsite storage solution through a qualified service provider that offers data backup for dentists. By having this convenient service available, you get valuable perks like:

  • Keeping old records organized that may otherwise have to be eliminated
  • Having the data stored in a safe and more secure way
  • The documents and data will be carefully handled and overseen
  • Not having to fill your dental practice with hardware like servers to house the data
  • Protecting your data if there is ever an emergency, such as a fire, in your dental office

A Look at What You Should Be Paying for Data Backup for Dentists

A service like data backup for dentists is not the type of service that most people know a lot about where pricing is concerned. Therefore, when you are handed a price quote from a cloud storage company to store your data, you may just assume that the price is fair and accept the services at that rate. Unfortunately, this can lead you to overpay for your data storage solutions. When you need to keep operational costs as low as possible, every dollar you spend that is too much can be a problem.

NOVA, which offers technology solutions, computer support, and IT services for dental practices, recently talked to a client in Chicago that was paying way too much for data services. They were paying approximately $1 per GB of cloud storage, which is roughly $500 every month to store only 1 TB of data. The best price for cloud backup starts at approx $125 per month for 500 GB, which is much more affordable. When you work with the best data storage provider, they will not only offer you a fair price for just the service, but the storage will also come along with things like live tech support and strategic planning for your data.

A Look at How to Find the Best Data Backup for Dentists

As the operator of a dental practice, it is important that you work with a dental office IT company that specializes in the dental industry. If you are working with an IT company that specializes in specifically helping dentists, orthodontists, and other professionals in the field, they will always anticipate your needs as a specialized service provider. Most IT companies who do offer specialized focus to clients in the dental industry are capable of providing everything from technical services to help with in-office phone systems. Therefore, they will also offer data backup solutions that work out for the best of your business.

Overall, data backup for dentists is a critical part of operating a well-functioning practice. If you would like help finding affordable data storage solutions for your dental practice, reach out to NOVA Computer Solutions for more information.

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