Cybersecurity Assessments For Orthodontics Practices

NOVA Computer Solutions are experts in providing cybersecurity assessments for Orthodontic practices across the United States.

Have you double-checked your IT systems for potential vulnerabilities that put you at risk of a data breach?

Everyone knows that double-checking your findings is a vital part of doing the work right. Since learning the fundamentals in school as a kid, we all understand how important it is to verify what you’re being told, whether it’s the result you get in long division or the diagnosis you get from a doctor.

The same should go for your business’ IT, right?

Even a single overlooked configuration mistake or vulnerability in your IT environment can have devastating consequences if it’s not remedied quickly. Gaps in your practice’s digital security can lead to data loss and non-compliance fines.

Unfortunately, seeing to your own IT environment is more easily said than done. You’re n orthodontist, not a technician; you have other concerns in your daily work. What’s more, everyone knows that ensuring your IT is up to snuff can be incredibly expensive, from necessary hardware and infrastructure to security solutions and more. Regardless, it’s still a vital part of keeping your business productive and safe.

The way you store and access health care information, the use of interconnected medical devices, etc. – it has all contributed to a higher quality of care, benefitting both the healthcare professional and the patient.

But those benefits also bring about a key problem – the easier it is for you to access Protected Health Information (PHI), the easier it is for cybercriminals to do so as well. That’s why HIPAA and cybersecurity are so closely related to orthodontics practices like yours. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that just because you’re not a major hospital or more active medical practice that you aren’t a potential victim – data is data.

Cybersecurity Orthodontic Practices

Need An Expert Second Opinion On Your Practice’s Cybersecurity?

Are you unsure of how secure your practice’s IT systems are? Your systems deal with a lot of sensitive and valuable information, and as such, they can often be targeted by viruses, worms, spyware, and other malicious digital threats.

With our Cybersecurity Assessment service, NOVA Computer Solutions will examine your network security to determine whether your company’s data is properly protected. We will analyze the following aspects of your cybersecurity to determine…

  • Whether you have the necessary components in place, including firewalls, antivirus software and more.
  • Whether your systems are up to date, and patched with the latest security fixes.
  • Whether you have a viable backup in place that you can rely on in the event of data loss or corruption.

Our Cybersecurity Assessment offers a range of vital services:

  • A comprehensive and accessible visual summary of complex data, detailing your IT infrastructure performance and security vulnerabilities
  • A full analysis of the many components of your IT infrastructure
  • A vital risk analysis that will identify and address security vulnerabilities
  • Examination of risks to any and all PHI and your HIPAA compliance, resulting in a plan and recommendations to address any potential noncompliance concerns

Get in touch with NOVA Computer Solutions to find out what you don’t know about your IT security and HIPAA compliance. Don’t wait until a data breach occurs to find out about your vulnerabilities.

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