It happened again just the other day.

The new owner of a local Virginia healthcare business reached out to the staff of NOVA Computer Solutions.

He made the statement, “I wish I had known what kind of shape the technology of this practice was in BEFORE I bought it.”

Technology just isn’t something that you often think of when you do your due diligence in buying a business.

After all, the technology in place worked for the last owners, so it will work for you, right?

Not necessarily.

Take our new client for example.

He bought a medical practice that was still using Windows XP.

For you that haven’t been keeping up with Windows version release, XP came out seventeen years ago!

There is SO MUCH that has happened with cloud technologies, hardware, software, and IT support since 2001.

Windows XP – and the old machines that are still running XP – can’t keep up with the high demands of mobility and flexibility put on the operating system by a modern medical practice.

But the old equipment and operating system wasn’t the biggest problem faced by the new owner of the medical practice.

Because of the badly outdated technology, the practice was not compliant with HIPAA and related medical regulations. This represented a risk exposure to malpractice suits and fines from HHS for non-compliance.

Once the new owner of the medical practice realized that he had some real IT problems on his hands, he called NOVA Computer Solutions and asked for one of our professional IT Consultants. We took the time to make an on-site visit to assess his current IT environment and put together a report outlining our findings and the steps needed to put his new practice back on a solid technological footing.

One of the significant options we made available to our new client was a Hardware as a Service offering.

Hardware as a Service gives the client the opportunity to leverage the newest and most appropriate computers, tablets, servers, and network assets for the business without the high up-front cost of purchasing all that hardware. For a budgetable monthly payment, our new client was able to get the latest and most efficient hardware available for his healthcare business in addition to ongoing support for that hardware.

Why was the Hardware as a Service option attractive for our new client?

Simply put, technology is expensive, and he hadn’t counted on having to invest a bundle of cash into computers, servers, tablets, etc. just after purchasing the company.

The Hardware as a Service option gave him the technology he needed to equip his employees, utilize and secure patient data, and meet HIPAA compliance requirements.

What healthcare practice are you considering purchasing? Family Practice? Dentistry? Optometry?

Before you sign on the dotted line, contact NOVA Computer Solutions for a network assessment.

You’ve had the building inspection.

You’ve talked to the current staff.

So, why haven’t you looked carefully at the technology in use at the practice to ensure that it’s up to today’s standards?

It’s the smart move.

No, not every business will need all new equipment in a Hardware as a Service offering, but you’ll never know what the company you are considering will need until you call in the professionals and find out for yourself.

Let’s face it.

The seller isn’t likely to step up to the plate and tell you about IT issues they have been having.

But NOVA Computer Solutions can use assessment tools to give you a full picture of the company’s IT health.

We do far more than business IT systems assessments!

Northern Virginia and Metro Washington D.C. business owners depend on the strategic IT advice of NOVA Computer Solutions and outstanding service offerings that drive business benefits such as:

  • Computer Network Protection – Simply put…we keep the bad guys out and give the good guys the secure access they need.
  • Business Continuity – Disasters come in all shapes and sizes. Your business can experience extended downtime as a result of localized fire, flood, hacking, internal crime, human error, and a dozen other unexpected negative NOVA Computer Solutions ensures that your operational data is secure and usable in an offsite scenario if needed.
  • Confidence – If your systems are always glitching or if your IT security isn’t what it should be, it’s hard for your employees to do business with confidence online. We will ensure that your systems have near-zero downtime and that your employees can handle, transmit, receive, and store patient records with confidence.
  • Fewer Day-to-day Issues – We know that you just want to be able to turn your computers on and have them work. We will work diligently to ensure that you have the functionality you need and that your systems are available to you to get the work done.
  • More Opportunities – Because of a focus on providing highly efficient IT environments, NOVA Computer Solutions staff help you drive a greater level of productivity. That increase in productivity in conjunction with being freed from doing your own IT maintenance levels the playing field for your company and allows you to pursue the pro-growth agenda you have set for your healthcare business.
  • Budgeted Monthly Payments – We provide our clients with the ability to forecast their IT expenditures and move IT expenses into the operational expenditures budget.

Are you considering the purchase of a Family Practice, Dental Office, or Optometry Clinic? Before you pull the trigger on that deal, give NOVA Computer Solutions a call and ask for a network assessment. There is no need for technology surprises AFTER you have signed on the dotted line. An assessment now could save you thousands of dollars in a business purchase or in technology replacement after the purchase.

Want to learn more about the pro-business IT strategies of NOVA Computer Solutions? Your Northern Virginia or Metro Washington D.C. employees can read all about our services and get some great advice from the articles HERE.

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