Getting To The Root (Canal) Of The Best Dental Practice Management Software

Don’t let inefficiency take a bite out of your business! Choose the best practice management software for your needs and brace for success!

Don’t let inefficiency take a bite out of your business! Choose the best practice management software for your needs and brace for success!

“Open Wide!” That’s the best door sign I’ve seen at a dental practice. A visit to the dentist makes many people nervous, so why not let patients have a punny chuckle when they walk in, right?

A relaxed environment is just the first step. Upon check-in, it helps if the front desk attendant knows the patient’s name and what brings the patient in for the visit – routine cleaning, root canal, filling a cavity, or something along the cosmetic lines, like teeth whitening, perhaps.

Walking down the hall to the private exam room with the reclining chair should be a comfortable experience for every patient, complete with the standard minty-fresh scent wafting throughout the office.

The first step for any dental practice to deliver this type of experience for patients is one with the very best practice management software. Outdated systems running sluggish software cost you time and money. How do you know when it’s time for an upgrade?

For starters, are your patient records still maintained in paper format? That is so 2004. Let’s get the practice upgraded to electronic patient charting!

Next, do patients routinely not show up for appointments due to lack of confirmation? Is there still an administrative personnel assigned to calling these patients with a reminder? Many of the latest dental practice management options available offer automated patient reminders.

Is your practice in need of a technology overhaul? We can help. A comprehensive dental practice management software incorporates patient records with all elements of a practice in one tidy location, simplifying the entire process for you and your team. The perfect software helps run a dental business as well as a dental practice. What is the difference? Dentists aren’t just medical providers – they are small business owners, too, who need to market themselves to grow the practice, promote profitable services like teeth whitening and cosmetic dentistry, and process financial transactions while maintaining electronic health records (EHR) and securing all practice data.

Are you also ready for the cloud? Boy, the cloud is great! Seemingly unlimited data storage in a secure environment that is flexible enough to adapt with the changing (and growing) practice, the cloud can help dentists mobilize a business and increase efficiency within a practice by allowing access anytime from anywhere. Many of today’s modern dental practice management solutions offer cloud integration.

Some of the better solutions on the market today include:

  • Dentrix
    • Dentrix is the proverbial ‘elephant in the room’, in the Henry Schein family of brands. Dentrix promises to deliver profitability, efficiency, and productivity for a practice.
  • Eaglesoft
    • Eaglesoft delivers practice management and charting software as an all-in-one option, complete with billing, scheduling, treatment planning, and much more.
  • iSmile
    • K.-based iSmile boasts an intuitive, efficient, and dynamic interface for users with all the promise of organization and patient records management in one option.
  • Bonus: MacPracticeDDS – A Mac-only solution that might be better for offices that deploy more of the cosmetic procedures, as much of this highly-customized software is Mac-based, and integration is easier across one operating system and platform.

When looking at these, or any other dental practice management solution, what component will the practice – and the business – need the most?

  • Innovation – this is a current buzzword but it applies here. Advanced software, like modeling software, require an open mind and advanced technologies to develop and use.
  • Quality – the platform must be accurate and reliable, as well as efficient and offer the much-needed insights into the practice and the business.
  • Expertise – dentists are the teeth experts, and – as a general rule – the world looks to developers and tech firms to provide the expertise from the technology angle.

Equally important is the ability to integrate with other software – including customized applications. Many dentists are seeking ways to differentiate themselves from the competition, and are using advanced technologies to establish a widened customer base.

Additionally, the best-in-the-business dental practice management software will perform a number of much-needed tasks in an automated environment. These systems should be able to confirm patient appointments to minimize patients who don’t present themselves come appointment time (“no shows”), as well as send annual patient reminders, send patient imaging and treatment recommendations, relay text and SMS messaging, and so much more.

Whether general dentistry makes up the majority of your practice, or a highly-specialized concentration, like periodontics, orthodontics, or pediatric dentistry, the practice has additional needs that must be met. If these include some of the more customized options we mentioned earlier that need to be able to be integrated, these “extras” can include:

The best practice management software for your dental practice varies based on the performance needs of the practice, and we recognize that every office – and every business – is different.

NOVA Computer Solutions are experts in the dental industry and can help revolutionize a dental practice and propel efficiency to be turned into profitability with the right technologies – for YOU.

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