NOVA Computer Solutions Named To Channel Future’s 2021 Next Gen 101

NOVA Computer Solutions is proud to be included on Channel Futures’ annual list of forward-thinking IT companies — the Next Gen 101. 

NOVA Computer Solutions Named To Channel Future’s 2021 Next Gen 101

NOVA Computer Solutions is proud to be included on Channel Futures’ annual list of forward-thinking IT companies — the Next Gen 101.

There’s more to IT support than monitoring a client’s IT systems and resetting their passwords.

Truly innovative IT companies foresee and adapt to ongoing changes in the IT landscape. That’s what we do for our clients, which is just one reason why we have been named to the Channel Future’s 2021 Next Gen 101, a list recognizing the most forward-thinking managed services providers (MSPs) worldwide.

Thanks to our innovative and future-focused services, we’re now an MSP to watch. Do you know what this means for our clients in the dental industry?

Next Gen 101 2021

Why Is NOVA Computer Solutions Included On This Year’s NextGen 101 List?

The NextGen 101 list recognizes innovative IT companies like NOVA Computer Solutions that help their clients harness cutting-edge technologies for better business outcomes. In doing so, we help to bring the industry as a whole forward and rapidly advance the use of modern technologies in business environments.

Today’s healthcare organizations are under a lot of pressure to deploy and optimize systems for efficient operations. Think for a minute about the importance of not just deploying the right technology but also ensuring it is properly configured and managed for your practice.

Whether you are a small or large dental practice, efficient operations, cost-effect, and most importantly, quality of healthcare are dependent upon the implementation and optimization of your IT environment.

This is all a part of the process of digital transformation. The digital transformation processes we manage for clients catapult their enterprises to new heights in efficiency and success. It ensures that everyone in the organization has bought into the solution, which greatly improves the chance for it to succeed. That’s why 54% of businesses worldwide are investing in digital transformation strategies in one way or another.

Dental offices that want to implement solutions to enhance their business need to start with a review of the different areas of their organization — this determines their digital transformation readiness. When we manage the process, it begins with questions for the practice’s leadership about what is working well in the organization and what needs improvement. All of this will then lead the practice down the right path as to where and how the most impact can be made to the organization through the implementation of a solution.

How Do We Help Dental Offices Achieve Digital Transformation?

Harness New Technologies

NOVA Computer Solutions’ team understands how vital proper integration of technology is for practices like yours. An average dental practice relies on a range of different hardware and software:

  • Operatory and administrative computers
  • Televisions and Sound Systems
  • Digital imaging equipment
  • Intraoral cameras
  • Servers & IT Systems

Each and every one of these technologies needs to be properly configured, maintained, and optimized for you and your staff to get the greatest possible benefit out of them. This is just one way in which NOVA Computer Solutions helps dental clients.

Adapt To Modern Challenges

Over the course of the pandemic, essential organizations, including dental practices like yours, have had to adapt as many of their services as possible to a remote setting.

Teledentistry is particularly important right now because it allows you to maintain social distance without entirely ceasing the vital services your organization delivers. NOVA Computer Solutions helps clients deploy teledentistry solutions and take advantage of their many benefits:

Remote Care

Dental staff can now communicate with patients remotely, performing preventative care and screenings over the Internet, reducing in-office appointments to prioritize those with the greatest need to see the dentist in person.

Empowered Patients

Patients can download apps that allow them to find and connect with dentists in their area, providing a more seamless process between screenings and appointments.

Documentation Management

Teledentistry solutions allow dental staffs to send and receive critical forms to and from patients over modern, mobile platforms

Cybersecurity Support To Defend Against Modern Threats

NOVA Computer is proud to provide our clients with a range of vital cybersecurity solutions, as well as a proven program to keep their employees confidently trained in cybercrime tactics.

By having our expert team of IT security professionals equip you with robust cybersecurity solutions from Breach Secure Now, train your staff to spot and eliminate threats, as well as keep everything up to date, you can ensure all your cybersecurity bases are covered.

NOVA Computer Solutions Will Help You Seamlessly Integrate New Technologies Into Your Dental Office’s IT Environment

NOVA Computer Solutions is included in this year’s Next Gen 101 because we have the skill, experience, and knowledge needed to help your organization steer through current and future healthcare IT challenges.

NOVA Computer Solutions will work closely with you in managing the entire process of technology integration; prioritization, planning, decision-making, communication, configuration, testing, training, running, and optimization to ensure that you constantly get the best out of your tech investment. We deliver the services you need to offer quality and cost-effective dental care.

Whether you’re installing the latest IT system or optimizing an existing one, NOVA Computer Solutions will devise approaches that are pragmatic, attainable, and tailored to your health processes.

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