Easy passwords might allow you to access your accounts quickly, but they can do the same for hackers. The more characters you use, the better.

Your patients rely on your practice not only to offer the highest quality care, but also maintain a high level of confidentiality for your personal records.  

If you and your staff aren’t technically inclined, you rely on your IT company to do the right things. Essentially, you’re at their mercy. If they aren’t doing what they should, it can be bad for your business or healthcare/dental practice. But, what should they be doing? Don’t worry…We’ll tell you here.

NOVA has extensive experience providing IT service and support to dental professionals of all kinds. Call us first for IT services.

CCTV cameras let you know what’s happening both inside and outside your dental office when you’re there and when you’re not, both day and night.

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. Instead of sending a signal over traditional phone lines, VoIP uses the Internet infrastructure to do this.

Improving the patient experience can result in big wins for your business. Is your technology improving life for your staff and patients — or making it worse?