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NOVA Computer Solutions wants to keep you safe during the COVID pandemic, that's why NOVA teamed up with PCIHIPAA to offer 500,000 of Cyber and Data Breach Liability Policy, FREE for 90 days.

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The cybercrime landscape is getting more unpredictable and complex every day. Cybercriminals are finding more effective ways to infiltrate business networks and steal critical business data.

The COVID-19 pandemic has only made the situation worse. Hacking attempts during the crisis have increased over 37% - what would you do if your business was breached today?

You need to take steps to protect your firm before anything bad happens – have you considered cyber liability insurance?

NOVA Computer Solutions and PCIHIPAA are partnering up to protect organizations like yours from COVID-19-based cybercrime. In addition to the free cyber liability policy, we’re offering:


A HIPAA Risk Assessment to make sure you’re not risking your compliance as you and your team work remotely.


Expert guidance for optimizing telehealth and remote work technologies and best practices.

You’re more likely to need cyber liability insurance now than you ever have before. Don’t put your organization at risk - let NOVA Computer Solutions and PCIHIPAA keep you safe.