Time For An New IT Service Company For Your Washington DC Metro Organization?

NOVA has almost 20 years’ experience providing business technology solutions for companies of all kinds and sizes. For this reason, NOVA offers businesses a variety of tools such as physical security systems, telephones, CCTV systems, network infrastructure solutions, secure email, managed antivirus and on & offsite image-based backups. We provide flexibility with our tools and services to ensure you are getting what you need and not paying for items, services or features that you don’t need. This ensures that our business tools bend to meet your specific business needs and not the other way around.

Antivirus & Network Security

Every day, while you are busy running your SMB office, hackers are busy creating new malicious threats. Since viruses, ransomware and data breaches continue to multiply at an alarming rate, you need a reliable adversary to combat this. NOVA’s experts in network and data security work tirelessly to combat these threats by monitoring your network to look for any discrepancies or irregularities. We take your business’s safety very seriously and monitor it constantly. Having an on-site IT person doing this job would be exponentially expensive.

Data Access

Long work hours require a technical infrastructure that is available on-demand, all the time. Changes in technology allow for you and your employees to access your business’s data remotely. With this freedom comes new vulnerabilities. One small mistake can let a virus into your network, wreaking havoc on your data, computers, and system as a whole. Having a reliable and secure network requires proactive monitoring and a preemptive address of all potential issues. NOVA’s experts work to continually monitor, detect, isolate, and remove any possible threats. We work 24 hours a day to protect your information while ensuring you have constant and secure access to your data.


NOVA knows the importance of flexibility and affordability for SMB offices. This is why we offer flexible solutions for businesses in all walks of life. From new office design to retrofitting preexisting offices, to maintenance and managed service packages, for established companies. Our company has flexible services to meet the needs of our customers. We know you have a business to run, and a budget to keep. No one should have to pay for services that they don’t need or can’t use. This is why we tailor our services so that you only pay for what you need.

Off-Site Backups

To best protect your business and your data, NOVA offers off-site backups for your SMB office. We ensure that your data is backed up every 30 minutes and ready to be restored at any given time. We understand you need a bulletproof system and data recovery strategy in place. NOVA works to ensure that your mission-critical data files are available for a quick recovery regardless of what comes your way.

Select NOVA As Your Next Small Business IT Services Company

It’s easy to answer why you should choose NOVA for your SMB office’s IT needs. NOVA has almost 20 years’ experience specializing in technology solutions for small and medium-sized business offices such as yours. We provide your business with protection against various cyber threats, managed services that adjust to fit your needs and your budget, as well as secure data backup and recovery. NOVA works hard for you, so you can focus on what’s most important, taking care of your clients.


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