Attention: Cyberattacks on Dental Practices are on the rise and becoming more and more aggressive. Will the adequate cybersecurity defenses you have in place protect your practice when it’s hijacked? Remember, it’s not will you become a victim of cybercrime… but when! Our research shows why today’s dental practices are at high risk:
  • Dental practices rarely have a firewall that will choke-off cyberattacks
  • Staff members only get limited – not ongoing training about IT security
  • Poor, low-quality or outdated IT resources and practices
  • Lack of experience to find your system’s vulnerabilities

Regardless of the size of your dental practice, strong cybersecurity and sound, ongoing cybersecurity training is the key to your protection. NOVA specializes in ensuring all dental practices have the toughest cybersecurity, correct solutions and best data protection services.

Yes, our team is trained, certified and experienced to confirm your practice is properly safeguarded from cyberthreats from hackers, make sure patient information is secure, all compliance and regulation standards are met.

Protect Your Practice with NOVA’s Cybersecurity Service

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