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You’ve come to expect an IT company to know technology. But understanding budgets and knowing it’s service role in your business is hard to find. Your NOVA Computer Solutions staff has two decades of in-depth knowledge and experience. They know which technology is required to effectively run medical, dental, legal, and SMB offices, while staying on budget and smoothly adapting to your company’s culture.

But another area important to you; your professional IT Support company must know and understand your business’ specialized market. For example: medical and dental offices face crucial HIPAA regulations and compliance. These mandates are intricate and detailed to ensure the protection of the patient’s information. Your NOVA experts are well versed in HIPAA laws and regulations, and the vital compliance role technology must use in your businesses.


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NOVA Computer Solutions also works to protect and serve your company on other fronts. Therefore, you are offered business services such as management, maintenance, and consultations. Their managed services monitor your data, to identify threats that would cause significant system damage.

Their maintenance services keep track of your equipment. 1) Identifying which equipment needs maintenance and 2) is the equipment near the end of its life cycle, and no longer protected against viruses and other cyber-attacks.

With your consultations, you will learn how we anticipate and plan for cyber-attacks and what part our data backup, recovery, and secure storage plays in the process. This includes filtered web and email to ensure your data is reliable, safe, and secure. With NOVA Computer Solutions backing up your data off-site, you’ve strengthened your level of security, while ensuring compliance with HIPAA. At this level, fast backup and recovery is seamless when your business experiences a disaster or cyber-attack.

Finally, NOVA knows the importance of budgeting for your business. You should never be bogged down with surprising invoices. This is why we offer our flat-rate IT to give you control over your services. NOVA Computer Solutions, LLC strives to give our clients Enterprise-level services and solutions at prices that work for your business.

Whether your business needs technology, services, or management, NOVA is standing by to assist you.

Northern Virginia Computer Solutions LLC, (NOVA), was established in 2000 with a mission to help clients with IT issues not being addressed by other managed service providers. Now, with almost two decades of experience, our clients receive the correct solutions they want, for their technology needs. NOVA dominates the market as an independent supplier of quality computer systems, Intraoral Cameras, CAESY and other peripherals. They focus on providing you with the highest quality technology, hardware, software and peripherals at competitive prices. Your experts at NOVA will stop at nothing to provide you with those advanced tools that increase your business security, reliability, efficiency, and your staff’s productivity. Time, education, and experience have helped us develop our best practices. Our workflow procedures around a proactive philosophy designed to keep your staff doing what you hired them to do and you focused on running your business, not your technology.

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