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Ransomware and Malware Threaten Patient Safety.

Daniel De Steno | 2018-01-30 | Business IT Articles, News, and Tips

Not only are healthcare organizations at risk due to cybercrime, so are their patients. Imagine having to turn away patients because your computers are shut down due to a ransomware attack. Or, having to “blindly” treat your patients because you can’t access their medical records unless you pay criminals a ransom. A ransomware attack can […]


Daniel De Steno | 2018-01-19 | Business IT Articles, News, and Tips

Technology is advancing faster than ever before. We can now connect and create on a broader scale than many ever thought possible. However, as our technology advances, people are questioning the security of these cutting-edge systems. While most of our private and confidential information is thought to be protected, the truth is disheartening. Hard drives […]

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