December 31st is Make Up Your Mind Day As New Year’s Eve approaches, it’s time to remember its other name: Make Up Your Mind Day. As the last day of the business year for most companies, it’s also a vital point for putting your plans for the next year into action. Unfortunately, creating a business […]

PowerPoint is regaining a much-needed edge in the world of business presentations. Microsoft recently announced some new exciting and easy to use features that will improve presentation design for those who subscribe to Office 365 and who have PowerPoint 2016 or beyond. Some experts are calling the new features like the Live Captions and Subtitles innovative and even, sleek. […]

Data breaches and phishing scams are becoming more popular among cybercriminals. There have been so many data breaches, in fact, that the chances that some of your private information has been discovered by online scammers and sold to other ones are pretty high. One of the most significant data breaches in recent years (that has […]

Managing a small business like a dentist’s office can be a challenge. We can help you free up time and improve your business efficiency with our IT services.

Most of the time, a five-day vacation is something to look forward to, but if that vacation is unplanned and filled with anxiety over when you can get back to work, it’s probably not much of a holiday. It becomes a burden; financially, emotionally and even physically on everyone involved. This is what it feels […]

Could your dental practice’s computer, mobile devices, and other tech equipment and software be holding back growth and profits? Up-to-date IT and seamless managed support can not only help you increase efficiency and improve reimbursement, but it can also free up time to deliver stellar patient service and grow your profits.

There is a variety of research that shows hiring a friend is a bad idea on a number of levels. Inevitably, the power dynamic changes. Once you move from buddy to client, one of two things may happen.

You have a lot going on during the business day and beyond, so any short-cut that adds productivity and efficiency to your day is a nice welcome. Microsoft recently updated its Word, Excel, and PowerPoint programs with a nifty even if simple tool: the @mention. You have likely been there where you want to make […]

How much should your dental practice pay for IT services in 2019? NOVA reveals the true costs of IT services doe dentists in 2019.

On December 17, 1903, Orville and Wilbur Wright made the first successful flight in a mechanically propelled airplane. To celebrate the accomplishment and commemorate the achievements of the brave brothers, December 17 became Wright Brothers Day by a 1959 Presidential Proclamation. Wright Brothers Day is now honored every year in the United States with festivities […]