Building a successful dental practice that involves advanced technology for patient care is an admirable goal, and will attract a solid patient base. What is the best plan for a successful launch?

Create and Collaborate With The All-New and Completely Radical Microsoft Whiteboard What do most companies have in common these days? The need to collaborate on a multitude of projects. Enter the old-fashioned whiteboard. This key piece of “equipment” is where a group might gather around while someone draws or makes bulleted lists. They write down […]

In today’s day and age, running a successful dental organization requires a comprehensive and dynamic IT infrastructure. From storing and sharing confidential patient data to managing and scheduling appointments, dental professionals need reliable technology to better serve patients and manage their teams. We recently heard from an endodontist looking for tech support and we thought it was the perfect opportunity to answer some questions for any and all dental professionals looking for better IT support.

Why the big hubbub over HTTPS?… Because from now on, users who visit HTTP sites will be hit with a BIG WARNING from Google. This will happen to anyone using Google Chrome version 68. Google warns that you should have been protecting your websites with HTTPS for a while now. And this isn’t just for […]

Are you using an iPhone or iPad?  It may be worth it to hold off a few days before hitting that update button. Why? Reports are surfacing that after updating to #IOS 11.4.1 there are issues with app updates. The App store shows many apps that need to be updated, but when you press ‘update‘ […]

How Can You Keep Your Laptop Running Longer? Getting work done in the airport or other remote location where you can’t find a spare plug to recharge your “dying” laptop can be tricky. Battery power only lasts so long on any device, and once it’s used up, you’re stuck hunting down a spare outlet (along […]

Orthodontists focus on teeth, not the support of their technology. Partner with a managed IT services provider to keep your technology in tip-top shape.

Your practice operates better when it has the right software. But which is the best? There are at least 10 contenders out there that are totally legit; then there are some that shouldn’t be touched with a ten-foot pole. Stick around, and we’ll explore the ten best management applications options for your dental practice.

Making the Most of Email Marketing Service Providers  Email marketing provides businesses with the most direct line of communication for connecting with customers and turning leads into sales. It is also one of the most cost-effective marketing methods available. While you can use any number of methods and a suitable tool to easily acquire […]

Your legacy practice management, software system has seen better days. Discussions in great length about replacing it, and this fiscal year the upgrade is in the budget. Today we take a break from the tips and how-tos and look at the latest practice management software Orthodontists, and Oral Surgeons are using.